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Tourism as outreach

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

15 August 2018

Post No. 52



The Week’s Contents

• TRENDING for Poverty Relief: Tourism as Outreach to Local People

• Online TRACK to CENFACS e-Charity Summer Shop

• TRIPs for Fieldwork Research


   … and much more!


Key Messages of the Week’s Contents

Tourism as a way of reaching out to the poor

Our journey in looking at the direction of poverty reduction by following Tourism is now in phase 3.  In this phase 3, we are observing tourism as a way of reaching out to the local people, especially those in need. 

For more on tourism as outreach, please read further under the Main Development section of this post.

Summer goods donations and buys

Every season is an opportunity to do something about the environment and poverty.  You can recycle or donate your unwanted or unused goods and presents to do something about the environment and or poverty.  You can also buy goods to meet the same ends.

This Summer you can online track CENFACS e-charity shop to help the environment and poverty relief.  If you are a fun of online tracking and shopping, you can take an online course of action or online path or even course of travel to save the environment and reduce poverty with CENFACS.

Instead of you physically going to physically shop or donate your goods, you can from the comfort of your home buy or donate goods to CENFACS e-charity shop to help the deserving cause of poverty relief and sustainable development.

To support us either by shopping or supplying us with products or goods you no longer want or use so that we can sell and raise the money for the good cause of poverty relief, please go http://cenfacs.org.uk/shop/

TRIPS for fieldwork research

Trips to the local need this week include as well those travels made or to be made to conduct fieldwork research in Africa and anywhere else in the context of poverty relief and sustainable development projects. 

These fieldwork researches or practical experiences to gain knowledge and skills could be of varying forms such as observation and collection of raw data, interviews, group discussions, practical activities to support overseas development projects etc. 

If you are a researcher and did or are doing some fieldwork research on sustainable development and poverty reduction, and think that your work can enhance CENFACS’ work, you could share with us your experience, research findings or outcomes.

To share the experiences and results of your fieldwork research, just contact CENFACS and CENFACS will get back to you.


Main Development of the Week’s Contents

Tourism as a way of outreaching all

The last two weeks of Trending in Poverty Relief and Sustainable Development, we followed the direction of poverty relief through tourism and tourists to the local need with tourism as helper and enabler for poor people to participate and contribute to growth (week one) and as trade creator and income generator (week two).

This week, we are pursuing the same direction of poverty relief through tourism as a way of reaching out to the poor Tourists to the local need can help to meet local needs and those who are in need locally.  They can reach out to them by a variety of means which could include:

√ Income-generating activities run by local people

√ Getting in touch with local arts, cultures and designs

√ Visiting locally-run projects and made creations

Tourism reaching out to the poor is a concept telling us that tourism is not only about visiting rich areas and tourist sides whereby the tourists walk through like in a path drawn for them.  Tourism as outreaching all is about getting in touch with all the realities of the place, and amongst these realities are poverty and hardships as well.  By connecting to both the local rich and poor, tourists to the local need can have a balanced perception of the place.  This can also enrich their holiday experiences and outcomes. 

In fact, doing something about poverty is not only about donating money or goods.  It is also about buying things made by the poor, valuing their creations and makings and caring about the environment they live in.  In this respect, tourism and tourists to the need can reach out poor people in this way.  So, tourism with a local eye on the poor can lead to doing something against local poverty and hardships.    

To follow or track the direction of poverty relief through Tourism with CENFACS this August, contact CENFACS.

FOR ONLY £1, YOU CAN SUPPORT CENFACS AND CENFACS’ PROJECTS, JUST GO TO http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/

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Thank you as well to those who made comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks


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