Development Programmes


●● African Integrated & Sustainable Development Initiatives Programme (AISDIP)

AISDP is a development programme carried out within the framework of peaceful means and political stability in the country of the organisation recipient where it is implemented. The programme is made with sustainable development elements as a whole. Generally, AISDP operates in countries where the risk of political upheaval and environmental disaster is considered to be relatively low.


●● African Rebuilding & Sustaining Infrastructures & Lives Programme (RILIVES)

RILIVES programme, on the other hand, focuses on countries stricken by any of the following factors: natural disaster, humanitarian catastrophes, violent conflicts, destructive wars, an exceptional circumstance creating extreme poverty, violent climate change etc. The programme helps us to support and advocate with and on behalf of the victims of these natural and man-made disasters in Africa in rebuilding their lives. Countries falling within the scope of this programme are seen as relatively high risk.



●● Individual Capacity Development (ICD) Programme

ICD programme is a people-based and needs-centred set of initiatives that focus on self-empowerment, self-help capacity and personal of beneficiaries. It aims at redeveloping their abilities, skills, knowledge and values to enable them to improve their lives to better ones by effectively accessing services, playing their role and actively participating in society they live in. The programme, which revolves around the concept of human capability, is delivered through a range of sustainable initiatives and activities such as information, advice and guidance, skills development, training for women, signposting, outreach and research work.


●● Building Bridges, Building Bonds (b4) Programme

B4 programme is about working together with other African Diaspora Organisations, NGOs, BME, women’s, community, voluntary and third sector organisations as well as social enterprises and the other business community to promote harmony and mutual respect and understanding regarding the process of fighting sustained poverty and building peaceful life amongst vested interested parties in the issue of reducing and ending poverty.




●● UK-Africa Skills Sharing & Development (UKASSD) Programme

UKASSD is bi-directional exchange of knowledge, skills and information between CENFACS and Africa-based organisations in the process of fighting sustained poverty and building peaceful life for Africans in the UK and Africa. In the process of exchanging skills, facilitating the acquisition of digital and clean technologies to make further steps in reducing poverty is crucial within this programme. The programme also promotes learning development experiences in both sides.

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●● Poverty-Environment Programme (PEP)

PEP is a combination of poverty alleviation and the environmental aspects of sustainable development in order to support Africa-sister Organisations and communities. The main focus of PEP is on environment and its linkages with poverty. Most projects falling under the scope of this programme will have a high level of environmental content impact. Amongst other projects, they include climate adaptation and mitigation ones.



Besides the above household name programmes, we have other programmes to help us achieve our vision, mission, aims and objectives.

These other programmes include the following:

● ● Peace, Protection and Sustainability


● ● The Twenty-twenties Programme

● ● Summer programmes


● ● The Media and Digital Communication programmes