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Burkina Faso Appeal

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary! 13 February 2019 Post No. 78 The Week’s Contents • Burkina Faso Appeal • CENFACS  “Q” Year • Sustainability & Collapsology … and much more! Key Messages ~ Burkina Faso Appeal Our Light Season and Projects continue with an appeal to support the victims of armed attacks in Burkina Faso and its neighbourhood.   The Burkina […]

Sustainable Development Month

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary! 06 February 2019 Post No. 77     The Week’s Contents • Sustainable Development Month • ACCSDGs: In Search for New Forms of Data • CENFACS’ Quadranscentennial Year   … and much more!   Key Messages ~ Sustainable Development Month   February is our sustainable development month  according CENFACS development calendar/planner.  It is the month we revisit our works related to sustainable […]