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Burkina Faso Appeal

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

13 February 2019

Post No. 78

The Week’s Contents

• Burkina Faso Appeal

• CENFACS  “Q” Year

• Sustainability & Collapsology

… and much more!

Key Messages

~ Burkina Faso Appeal

Our Light Season and Projects continue with an appeal to support the victims of armed attacks in Burkina Faso and its neighbourhood.   The Burkina Faso is part of our second wave of appeals (or In-life Blaze of Hope) making our Light Projects.

It is about Bringing and Lighting a Blaze of Hope for the Victims of Armed Attacks and Conflicts in Burkina Faso and its Neighbourhood.

We always advocate for preventive development and we do not seek for destructive events to happen.  However, when events like in Burkina Faso happen, CENFACS can advocate to help reduce any adverse effects and impacts erupting from events like this. 

CENFACS is looking forward to your support to deliver this Wintry Appeal.  Thank you!

Under the Main Development section of this post, you will find further details about this appeal.

~ CENFACS Quadranscentennial Year

This week, we are continuing with our journey in learning about CENFACS as quadranscentennial creation.  Last week, we learnt about CENFACS’ origin and background.  This week, the emphasis is on CENFACS as a formal organisation.  We are focussing on CENFACS from 2002 (year of its registration) to 2012.  2002 to 2012 is a decade of building CENFACS as a formal organisation   In marketing jargon, it is the decade of the first growth of the idea of CENFACS as a charity model. 

The 2002-2012 timeline provides readers the opportunity to get grips with key highlights of activities and initiatives that shaped that first growth of CENFACS.   You can find this timeline under the Main Development section of this post.


~ African Children, Climate & Sustainable Development Goals (ACCSDGs), Generation Global Goals (3G project): In Search of New Forms of Data

Finding new forms of data particularly in areas affected by wars and natural disasters continues to be our focus about the ACCSDGs campaign.  We are interested in both primary and secondary data in both qualitative and quantitative terms.

In the context of this process of getting new data, we are working on data collection techniques and methods applicable to those kinds of situation as well as the reliability of data.  Likewise, we are dealing with the issue of data protection and regulations when handling international data such as those related to the conditions of children in war zones and areas affected by environmental disasters.

The above interest is meant to help the process of the implementation of SDGs for children.

Extra Messages

~ Sustainable Development and Collapsology

This week, we are as well carrying on our month of Sustainable Development by looking at the theories of collapsibility or collapsus theories.  The protagonists of these theories believe that our current civilisation based on fossil energies will disappear or collapse in the 2030s.  Their catastrophist argument is that there will be inevitability of the world’s catastrophe.

This week we are working on both sets of theories (sustainable development theories and collapsologist/catastrophist discourse).  The purpose of this week’s work is to find out how a good use of sustainable development principles can help avoid the so-called collapse or catastrophe of the human civilisation as the prophets of collapsology or catastrophism continue to argue.  Particularly, we shall work on how in Africa poor people and communities are finding out alternative energy to deal with fossil fuels and reshape their way of living.

~ Supporting CENFACS in 2019 with a silver donation, a great relief and a product booster

Free for Supporters: Silver Status

Support our projects as you can or as you choose if you visit them or if you happen to be within the area of our projects. This will boost your support and help you to win a silver status as CENFACS’ Supporter in a CENFACS Silver Year or the Quadranscentennial Year of CENFACS.  Alternatively, you can fund CENFACS’ Silver year to win the same status.

Want to provide Great Relief as a Supporter

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Please contact CENFACS for details about becoming great reliever.

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Main Developments

• • Burkina Faso Appeal –

Bringing and Lighting a Blaze of Hope for the Victims of Armed Attacks in the Burkina Faso and its Neighbourhood

Our Season of Light and Projects continue with this new appeal for the peoples of Burkina Faso who are experiencing waves of armed attacks on their daily lives.

It is now 3 years that there has been a security crisis in Burkina Faso.  There is a disagreement between the majority ethnic group (Mossi) and the minority ethnic community (Peuls).  This disagreement has fuelled intercommunity conflicts and violence to the extent that there has been recently massacre in the village of Yirgou (according local sources).  Women and children have been displaced.  This has led to retaliation and a circle of reprisals and violence among and between civilians. This has been combined with terror threats to defenceless and innocent civilians.  Various parts of Burkina Faso (North, East and South West) have been affected by this continuing violence and security crisis.   

Because of these appalling events which are happening in Burkina Faso, CENFACS is launching this appeal before it is too late to intervene and avoid this situation gets worse and lead to humanitarian catastrophe in Burkina Faso and general contagion in the region of Sahel.  It is known that the countries of Sahel region have very limited financial resource capacity to face any major humanitarian catastrophe or a regional conflict.  They cannot afford to have this security crisis in Burkina Faso.

Our appeal is purely humanitarian and non partisan.  Our role is not to ignite the strife between the conflicting sides or between the attackers and their victims.  Our mission is purely humanitarian and charitable.  We understand the difference in perception and feeling regarding the way peoples choose to run their internal affairs between them.  They may agree or disagree on certain matters.  However, we do not agree that their disagreement should result into violence and armed attacks on defenceless, innocent peoples and infrastructures wherever country or region of the world this may happen. 

Whatever the reason they may have, it is not acceptable that defenceless civilians are subject to atrocities or mass attacks.  These kinds of mass attacks can result in tragedies, people get displaced, properties get destroyed, and common infrastructures get dismantled.  The history of Africa is full of pity cases of what this kind of violence can lead to.  We saw and witnessed in the past the same types of events leading to famine, general instability, humanitarian disaster and so  on in places like Sudan, Rwanda, Mali to name the few.

Before one can reach these tragic consequences in Burkina Faso, there is a need to prevent them.  Therefore, CENFACS is urging the development community from within the Burkina Faso itself and from outside the Burkina Faso to do what they can and it takes to avoid unpredictable catastrophic consequences from these repetitive attacks on the innocent civilians of Burkina Faso. 

In this respect, CENFACS welcome the collaborative initiative taken by the G5, which is the group of five countries made of Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad.  G5 is a project of working together to stop and end these atrocities on the ordinary peoples of Burkina Faso and their region. 

One can hope that their determination to eradicate this disease from Burkina Faso and their region will go further in reducing poverty there, in combining security measures with poverty reduction strategies.  This kind of model of working together will help to provide food security, access to safe drinking water and sanitation, the building of infrastructures, the dealing with healthcare and above all the side effects of this security crisis, which has been running since 2016 or so.

CENFACS is as well appealing to those who can to do what they can and take in their position to help end this circle of violence on the innocent civilians of Burkina Faso. 

CENFACS always argues that there are little things that one can do to make BIG differences in the lives of those in most pressing needs.  These little things could include personal initiatives like the following

Talking to someone who may have influence on what is happening on the grounds in Burkina Faso.

√ Lobbying

√ Making a phone call

√ Taking part in peace initiative organised with and on behalf of the Burkinabe people

√ Campaigning and advocating for this deserving cause

√ Raising awareness of this appalling situation in Burkina Faso through the social media platforms

√ Make a podcast or a video to take action to help the victims of these atrocities

√ Helping the voice of ordinary Burkinabe people to be heard


These little things or blazes can help bring some lights to the lives of the Burkinabe people.   This is what CENFACS’ Light Project is all about.  This is what Bringing and Lighting a Blaze of Hope for the Victims of Armed Attacks in the Burkina Faso and its Neighbourhood, is finally about.

To bring and light a blaze of hope for the victims of armed attacks in Burkina Faso and its neighbourhood, please contact CENFACS.

Thank for carrying this appeal forward and for your support to the peoples of Burkina Faso.  

• • CENFACS “Q” Year through timeline

The following timeline provides an outline of CENFACS’ work from 2002 to 2012 – the period of the first growth about the idea of CENFACS as a charity model. 

This period was remembered in 2012 as CENFACS’ Decennary with 10 Leaves of Poverty Relief.

CENFACS’ Decennary was a celebration story of ten years of transforming lives and of building bonds and bridges with other communities.  It was as well an experience of skills development, mobilisation, advocacy, and protective and sustainable developments as the following key highlights of CENFACS’ timeline shows.



African contacts and sustainable development programmes

All in Development scheme – Volunteering for better lives


Strategic partnership development with Africa-based organisations

Planning and delivering of Capacity Advice & Development (CAD) project for Croydon’s African and Minority Ethnic People, particularly Supporting Women and Families to Support Themselves


Advice on project planning and development to Africa-based organisations

Planning and delivering of Free Employability Training (3W) project to help with job searching skills to French-speaking African unemployed refugee women living in Croydon


Building Bonds Building Bridges and advancing Africa’s cause and poverty issues by networking with African Diaspora and civil society organisations through ADVAD (African Diaspora Voices), AFFORD (African Foundation for Development), Connections for Development and BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development)

Planning and delivering of Basic Skills Development (deBASICS) project in Croydon, that offered skills for work and life in the UK to refugee women of French-speaking African origin living in Croydon


Funding the building of a health centre for the people of Kewarla (Mali) through a local partner – the ONG GAIE/Femmes

Setting up Peace, Protection & Sustainability programme to support multi-dimensional poor children, young people and families; and an Outreach Translation service (French to English and vice versa)


Contribution to African Voices on consultation about Africa-Europe relations and on a Joint “EU Africa” strategy

Development and implementation of Communication for Change as a result CENFACS won THE BETTER PLANNING AND ORGANISATION OF COMMUNICATIONS ACTIVITIES AWARDS 2007

Planning and delivering the Project for Sustainable Skills for Employment (PROSSE) in Croydon to support unemployed multi-deprived women


Funding of the Income-generating Activities Against Child Trafficking with project partner – the “ONG” ESE-Benin

Planning and delivering of Basic Skills in Health and Social Care (BSHSC) project in Croydon


Financial advice to Africa-based indigenous organisations to manage economic recession under the Make Ends Meet Again campaign

Advisory support to the same organisations on project planning and appraisal with focus on climate induced poverty

Planning and delivering of Community Value Chains project, Seven Days of Development in July Project in Croydon


Project planning and appraisal service (with focus on environmental vulnerability) for African sister organisations)

Make Ends Meet in Africa advocacy and be.Africa as Ideas-Actions forum of debate

The 2010s Poverty Reduction advocacy programme of work


Information and guidance to Africa-based organisations on green economy initiatives and models of income-generation for self-help capacity

Advice to the same organisations on strategy for coping with international regulatory framework for project monitoring, evaluation and reporting in time of financial austerity

The First African Children Generation of the Millennium Development Goals advocacy project


Advice to African partner organisations on ways of capturing the fruits of Africa’s economic growth while being recipient of overseas development assistance

Halving Poverty or the 2015-2020 campaign

For further and or enquiry about this timeline or any activity or project within the above timeline, contact CENFACS

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Thank you as well to those who made or make comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support throughout 2019.

With many thanks

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