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FACS, Issue no. 57, Autumn 2017 – Key Highlights

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 18 October 2017 HOW WE CAN USE MATHS OR NUMBERS TO REDUCE POVERTY IN AFRICA – Key Highlights An abstract about the 57th issue of FACS, CENFACS’ bilingual newsletter was already given last week.  The key highlights make the contents of the issue; highlights which are as follows. MAKING NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THE POOR, […]

Abstract of the 57th Issue of FACS

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 12 October 2017 COMING IN THIS AUTUMN 2017 IS THE 57th ISSUE OF FACS What’s on this week beginning 09 October 2017 This week is about revealing the main content of the next issue of CENFACS’ bilingual newsletter – FACS; issue which is about HOW WE CAN USE MATHS OR NUMBERS […]

Africa’s History . Autumn Appeal . A la Une

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 04 October 2017 HISTORY MONTH  > ♦ <  AUTUMN HUMANITARIAN APPEAL  > ♦ <   A la Une  October is the History month in CENFACS development calendar.  We normally remember the African history through Making Memorable Difference (MMD) project.  Besides the main history theme of October, we are also running our environmental […]