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Africa’s History . Autumn Appeal . A la Une

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary!

04 October 2017


October is the History month in CENFACS development calendar.  We normally remember the African history through Making Memorable Difference (MMD) projectBesides the main history theme of October, we are also running our environmental campaign A la Une as planned.  Likewise, our usual Autumn Humanitarian Appeal has already been re-launched.  The environmental campaign and humanitarian appeal are part of Autumn programme.  


What is MMD? 

 MMD is

  • a two-day event of Awareness, Thought and Recognition set up by CENFACS in 2009 to celebrate the Black History Month in our own way and feeling while preserving the tradition linked to this remembrance and standing on the shoulders of similar celebrations
  • a historic project of collective memory about works carried out, heritage and legacies left by Africans.
  • all about collectively telling, acknowledging, studying and learning that every day Africans wherever they are (in Africa) or elsewhere (in the UK-Croydon and the world) are striving to improve the quality of their lives and of others. Through their historically valuable works, they are making memorable difference and the world a better place for everybody, including the generations to come.
  • a celebration of African Abilities, Talents, Skills and Gifts to Africa and the world.

This year’s dedicated two days (27 and 28 October 2017) are the days of historical study, analysis and skill recognition and celebration of the legacies left by Africans in the history of communications in Africa.  We will search on the Communicators of the African History.  So, ways of communicating in the history of Africa and Communicators of History in helping to reduce poverty are our sharing and engaging contents this October.  We investigate on their contribution to Africa’s transformative development since the colonial era. 

27 October 2017 (Identification & Implications Day): We shall identify the means of communications (e.g. oral tradition) in Africa’s history before the telephone and telegram technologies were introduced and their implications for the new generations in understanding Africa’s history today.  

28 October 2017 (Legacies & Gifts Day) : We shall find out how communications and communicators of the time contributed to poverty reduction in Africa of pre-digital and pre-internet technological eras.  Likewise, we will celebrate the empowering capacity of communications in lifting people out of poverty as well as the legacies and gifts of the African Communicators of history. 

To engage with this year’s MMD theme and or support this project, please contact CENFACS on this site. 


  • 2009: CENFACS recognised environmental sustainability.
  • 2010: We acknowledged and honoured sports contributions and history in relieving collective poverty and improving community lives beyond fitness and beyond individualistic achievements.
  • 2011: We recollected, remembered and revered caregiving talents and legacies of young carers in enhancing human development (their own development and other people’s development) by reducing the burden of poverty.
  • 2012: We dedicated our historical recognition to Africa’s Global Game Runners and the Science of Running.
  • 2013: Our two days were about the Memorable Difference Made and brought by Working Poor (Miners & Factory Workers) in relieving poverty. We consecrated them to the historical study of THE ROLE OF WORKING POOR MINERS AND FACTORY WORKERS OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES IN THE POVERTY RELIEF IN AFRICA SINCE the Berlin Conference (1884-5).
  • 2014: We celebrated the place of the African Music and Dance in the pre– and post-colonial eras, the late 1950s and the early 1960s. This celebration focussed on the African History of Singing and Dancing and their Impacts on Liberation and Freedoms.
  • 2015: Making Memorable Difference focused on African Negotiators of the History. 
  • 2016: We remembered the Protectors and Guardians of the African History and Heritage. 

For further details about these past MMD events, please contact CENFACS. 

>|| A la Une 

Reducing Conflicts over Forest Resources between Humans and Animals

This month and week is the start of A la Une .  We are going to reintroduce A la Une by looking at ways of reducing conflicts over forest resources between humans and animals in our effort to upkeep the nature in existence this Autumn.  This will be done through the case of the Batwa community, an indigenous Pygmy group in the Democratic Republic of Congo, between this community and gorillas. 

The Batwa people were forced out of the forest in a bid to protect the gorillas in the 1970s.  In 2014, they received help of eco-village although they have still many unresolved problems.  This case will help us to build on upkeeping the nature in existence while respecting basic rights of humans, animals and other living beings.

For more information about this year’s A la Une, please contact CENFACS and or continue to read our posts over this Autumn season.

>|| Autumn Humanitarian Relief Appeal

Our humanitarian appeal for Autumn 2017 has been launched since the 2nd of October 2017 and is live on the Support Us page of this website:  cenfacs.org.uk/support-us/

This appeal is about supporting needy people, animals and organisations in Africa.  It includes the following five selected projects: 1/ TRIACONTADI 2/ Cross-border in-work Poor People and Markets 3/ Righters of financial deprivations 4/ Hardship After Summer Holidays 5/ Save Animals projects. 

A brief summary of these projects is given on the page Contact Us of this website.  Donors and funders can directly and respectively donate or fund these projects.  A message about this appeal can also be passed on to a person who is in a position and willing to support.  Many thanks!

You can donate £2 to £4 or more as you wish, gift aid your giving and support these projects in a way that is most suitable and related to your capacity and willingness.

To donate, gift aid and support otherwise; please contact CENFACS.

Help CENFACS keep the Poverty Relief work going 

We do our work on a very small budget on a voluntary basis.  Making a donation will show us you value our work and support CENFACS’ work which is currently offered as a free service.

Donate to support CENFACS!

Thank you for supporting us and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to CENFACS website and continuing support.

With many thanks!

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