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We always have initiatives that need funding and/or other forms of support. 

At the moment, we are currently re-appealing for support of poor Children, Young People and Families in Africa over this Summer 2018.


The initiatives presented here are a re-appeal as the need is still there in Africa and it has never been met.  We are re-appealing to you to support poor children, young people and families over this Summer.


In a recent study by the World Bank Group, it is stated that

“In Sub-Saharan Africa, a high portion of fatal health effects due to air pollution are suffered by children younger than age 5 years.  Children represented 16 percent of the region’s population in 2015 and 26 percent of pollution-attributed deaths (p.178).

(World Bank Group, The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018 – Building a Sustainable Future, Edited by Glenn-Marie Lange, Quentin Wodon and Kevin Carey, 2018 

According to the same World Bank Group,

“52 percent of the extremely poor children worldwide live in Sub-Saharan Africa; almost half of all the poor on the subcontinent are 14 years of age or younger.  Families that are trying to get by on less than $1.90 a day may not prioritize the prevention of environmental crisis”.  These families include those in Africa.

(World Bank Group, Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2016: Taking on Inequality)

Likewise, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) argue that

“Africa’s poverty gap is nearly twice the global gap – 15.2 per cent versus 8.8 per cent”

(UNECA: Economic Report on Africa 2017, Industrialization for Africa’s Transformation, 2017, Ethiopia)

Equally, for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) “In 2013 Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for more of the poor – 389 million people – than all other regions combined; the share of the region in the global (poor) was 50.7 percent”

(UNDP: Human Development Report 2016 – Human Development for Everyone, New York, USA)

These above data from multilateral agencies just highlight CENFACS’ findings and the reality on the ground in Africa in the area of operation of CENFACS.   Therefore, there is a need out there that deservingly requires support and together with locals we have projects to respond.


Here are 5 Summer Humanitarian Relief Appeal projects we have selected for this Summer 2017; projects that need funding. 

AG4AP, which stands for All Kinds of Gifts for All Types of Poor People in Africa, is the holiday makers’ and travellers’ free and voluntary contribution to poverty relief in Africa via CENFACS.

DfSA (Distress-free Summertime in Africa) brings hopes and dreams, as a humanitarian reliever, to multi-dimensionally distressed CYPFs in dire need of help in Africa by enabling them to move out poverty in the summertime and beyond.

N●P (Networking and Protection) is designed to help and support vulnerably poor children to escape from HARMS, THREATS, ATTACKS, EXTREMISMS, RADICALISATION and RISKS of any forms of exploitation, neglect and abuse in Africa.

iYCD (Iconic Young Carer of Development): a deserving cause which supports poor children and young people who prematurely become African caregivers and labourers because of poverty, aims at improving the quality of life of young caregivers and labourers by responding to their basic needs and human rights.

ELCLASSICO International is a CENFACS combined Sports Development, Child Protection and Sustainable Development initiatives that aims at reducing child and youth poverty, protecting children and bringing a better change to impoverished people, communities, children, young people and future generations in Africa.


Donor’s\Funder’s basic figures showing what the amount of £2 can achieve:


£2 to buy anti-malaria drugs and improve CYPFs health √

£2 to purchase wheel barrows and grow foods √

£2 to cover the costs of online materials against child exploitation √

£2 to provide educational books and learning materials √

£2 to pay meal for an environmentalist volunteer √

TOTAL: £10 (£2 X 5 lasting reliefs)


CENFACS is appealing to you to donate £2 to achieve one last benefit/relief.

What your donation can achieve –

The above relief figures/maths summarise what £2 can achieve.  However, by expanding a bit we can anticipate the following use and impacts. 

£2 to All Kinds of Gifts for All Types of Poor in Africa, can help to buy mosquito nets and anti-malaria drugs as well as combat other tropical diseases

£2 to Distress-free Summertime in Africa, can help Poor Children, Young People and Families; to run summer training activities of afforestation skills and cover the costs of farming tools (such as hoes, wheel barrows, rakes, spades and shovels, picks, axes etc.)

£2 to Networking and Protection can help to raise awareness and call to action against the forces of exploitation and destruction of children

£2 to Young Carer of Development can help to pay for the educational costs of poor children who become premature young caregivers and labourers so that they can return to universal and primary education

£2 to ELCLASSICO International can help to run a grass roots campaign of sensitisation about air pollution while protecting children and supporting child development through sporting activities.

To realise a total of 5 lasting benefits, it requires a donation of £10.


This 2018 Summer humanitarian appeal will benefit #Poor Children, #Young People and #Families with critical or severe level of poverty.  When supporting CYPFs you are not only financially supporting them but their lives will be transformed as they get help to help themselves.

You are giving them a choice or a possibility to choose.

The current appeal and above projects (the Humanitarian Relief Appeal Projects) are part CENFACS Summer Programme of Work and Strategy for working together with local CYPFs to relieve poverty amongst them during the summertime and beyond in Africa –

To smooth the process of supporting these projects, CENFACS is ready to post to you and or to any other potential supporters their details for consideration to support.  Likewise, CENFACS is ready to talk to you/potential funders about them if wanting us to do so.

Thank you in anticipation for your willingness to give a choice to poor CYPFs.

To donate and or support differently, please contact CENFACS.

THIS SUMMER FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN ENDS 22 SEPTEMBER 2018.   However, CENFACS will accept any support given beyond this deadline.

Thank you!


You can donate unwanted and unneeded light and easily movable goods and products to CENFACS’ Charity eStore to support good and deserving causes of poverty reduction. 

After donating products or goods, these will be converted into cash to support good causes or our work.  The cash converted can also be used to support CENFACS‘ work.  

When thinking of donation, please ensure that your donation does not bear high costs for us to handle, otherwise the impact you want to create through your giving will be reduced or nullified.   

Items to donate include:

Mobile phones, IT accessories, laptops, digital and communication devises, art and design objects, children gadgets and toys, and miscellaneous.

Notes for goods and products donors (Products Acceptance Policy):

  1. We do not take electrical equipment and devises
  2. Items donated need to be functioning, not requiring fixing, repair or testing prior to use
  3. Products given must have environmentally-friendly contents and be sustainable
  4. We do not accept heavy items such as books, metals and a heavy bag of clothing
  5. We do not take items requiring large storage capacity as we are not a profit making organisation
  6. We do not refund or give back the products donated as we expect products givers or donors to act in good faith and in the interest of poverty alleviation
  7. We do not take stolen properties or items in dispute
  8. We can arrange for collection if you live locally

Help us to convert your unwanted goods or products into cash to help reduce poverty.

To donate or enquiry about your products donation, please contact CENFACS.

Thank you for your support!

Howthree you can further support CENFACS

You can help by
Sending a one-off voluntary giving
Sending a yearly contribution to CENFACS
Providing a legacy or donation
Sponsoring a particular project, need, cause or programme
Promoting particular events or publications or even activities

You can choose or indicate
The type of beneficiaries of your contribution
The project or country where your support has to be allocated
To help CENFACS’ running costs
To leave to CENFACS the choice (freedom) to decide on the best possible use of your support
To delegate your responsibility to CENFACS to execute your wishes

Reporting on your support


As a result of your giving, you can ask us to send you
Either the report or a summary of change that your support has brought to beneficiary people.
Either the report on the project or area or even country that you have supported
Either the report on CENFACS’ works and activities


 Executing your wishes to supportpictforweb (2)

Through donation in cheques, postal orders, vouchers, online and paper free payments made payable to CENFACS
CENFACS offers straightforward and easy ways for individuals and organisations to help projects and project beneficiaries. Donations can be made directly to CENFACS Fund for Poverty Relief and Development or CENFACS grant making programme or even indirectly to help with CENFACS‘ running costs in order to deliver its programmes. Making a donation to CENFACS is not only about the transfer of money. It is first and foremost the sharing and development of knowledge and skills. Through our Development Programmes, we work in strategic partnership with Africa-based organisations through a participative and bottom-up approach to set up and develop sustainable initiatives. Our African project partners initiate projects and CENFACS help them to plan, execute, control and close the project in the most successful way. CENFACS also helps them to develop a viable, accountable way to helping them to help themselves in building their capacity, particularly in the ever changing development landscape as it deems the case now with the 2030 Agenda and Global Goals for Sustainable Development, the new International Climate Change Agreement and the African Union Agenda 2063.

Other ways of supporting us include: Legacies, gifts, sponsorship, premises, web advertising, direct marketing, events, training, digital technologies, public relations and social media (communications).
It is in this way your support can make a world of helpful differences.

Volunteering at CENFACS

<> About CENFACS Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering at CENFACS is about giving the opportunity to volunteers to acquire direct exposure to CENFACS’ work and/or to compliment development-oriented learning with practical experience for those who are planning to take up a career or to further their practice in international development. We review our volunteer opportunities every quarter. To find out and/or discuss what opportunity is available, please contact All in Development at CENFACS and read/check our BLOG page every quarter. When contacting us,
Either you could let us know the role or kind of work you would like to carry out
Or we can explore together areas of work or role which may be suitable for you
Or even we could simply tell you what voluntary position is available

<> Applying to become a CENFACS Volunteer

To apply for a voluntary position you need to send us your cv (plus a covering note/letter) and or to complete the following online form and submit to CENFACS

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