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Tourism as Trade Creator & Income Generator

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

08 August 2018

Post No. 51



The Week’s Contents

• Trending for Poverty Relief: Tourism as trade creator and income generator

• Children, Youth and Family Happiness Projects

• Summer Moments

   … and much more!


Key Messages from the Week’s Contents

August trends at CENFACS

Our integration theme of TrackTrip and Trending is in the week two.  The main focus is to get the three components of this integrating theme working and running at the same time.  Our sharing and engaging two keynotes (that is Track and Trip to the need) of this main integrating theme are in progress. 

We are asking to all participants to not forget to keep records of their activities as well as to put in place some monitoring tools to measure and communicate the impacts of their work.

Tourism as a trade creator and income generator for the poor

The third keynote or project identifier of August month is Trending for Poverty Relief, that is the following and tracking of the direction in poverty reduction (Trending) through Tourism.  

After introducing our trending keynote and starting to follow the direction of poverty relief through tourism in creating employment opportunities for the poor and supporting pro-poor growth, we are now this week dealing with tourism as a trade creator and income generator for the poor

It is about looking at the value or decency of tourism in creating trade and generating income for the poor.  As said above, this is the second phase of August trending activities on tourism and tourists to the need

For more on tourism as trade creator and income generator, please read further under the Main Development section of this post.

Children, Young People and Family Happiness Projects

Our Happiness season is moving smoothly with Children, Young People and Family Happiness Projects.  Likewise, our fundraising campaign for the season (Appeal Projects) is still open to everybody who wants to donate and support the deserving causes of poor children, young people and families over this Summer time.  For further details on support, go to http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/

DONATE NOW! Thanks! 

As said previously, our development calendar operates in such a way to take into account the living patterns of our users and stakeholders.  Most of them would normally be in holiday at this time of the year. 

We hope that for most of them, who are in holiday or have taken a summer break at this time of the year, are enjoying their breaks or holidays.  From CENFACS’ part, we would like to wish them Happy Summer wherever you/they are (at home or away).  For those who have to work at this time of the year, we also wish them well in their work or whatever they are doing to survive.

Our Six Summer Happiness projects are still running.  For those who are using them, please mind the integrity, spirit and principles of these projects.  They are designed to support you throughout this time of the year; time which could be easier for some but not for everybody. 

Summer Moments

Holidays or breaks can sometimes bring along with them times of significance or value to remember and perhaps share.  If you having those moments that you think they are valuable experiences that may bring inputs to our poverty relief work and are worth sharing with us, do not hesitate to capture them.  As you know, you can capture them through a mobile phone, video, short film, voice etc.

CENFACS would be delighted to hear from your holiday story or experience and valuable moments.   Again, have some wonderful moments with your summer holiday or break. 

Main Development of the Week’s Contents

Tourism as a trade creator and income generator for the poor

Last week, we started to look at how tourism and tourists to the local need can help poor people to participate and contribute to growth, particularly by accidentally offering opportunities to poor people to get involved in tourist employment opportunities.  We say accidentally because tourists do not chiefly come to travel to an area to reduce poverty.  But, they can make it happen.

This week, we are pursuing the direction of poverty relief through tourism as a trade creator and income generator for the poor

Tourism has the capacity to create trade opportunities for everybody including poor local people as poor people can grab the opportunity of tourists in their local areas to trade their products and services.  However, the question remains about the future of this trade creation.  As long as trade created by tourism helps to reduce poverty, this is a progressive direction in reducing and perhaps ending poverty.

Tourism offers as well income-generating opportunities for the poor as poor traders or businesses can trade to raise income, however small it may be, for their families to fight poverty and hardships.  However, the issue raises here is the sustainability or viability of this employment or occupancy to make ends meet.  As long as this helps to reduce poverty, it is step forward in the direction we are following to check if tourism helps reduce poverty.

In both cases, we need to get the data (in numbers and words) as well.  It is not enough to reduce poverty.  We should find out by how much as we follow tourism and tourists to the local need in helping to reduce poverty and hardships.

To follow or track the direction of poverty relief through Tourism with CENFACS this August, contact CENFACS.

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Thank you as well to those who made comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks


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