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The BIG CATS Campaign

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09 May 2018

Post No. 38


The Week’s Contents

• All in Development Stories project continues…

• FACS Newsletter, Issue No. 60 coming in Summer 2018: The Odyssey of Climate Finance and Insurance for African Children

The BIG CATS Campaign


Key Highlights of the Week’s Contents

Our All in Development Stories project continues as planned.  If you have a story to donate and help change or even save lives, please do not hesitate to give.  Submit your story to make the Top Story of our May Stories month. 

Before telling your story, please check CENFACS storytelling terms on this site.  Also, do not forget that the story theme for 2018 is Local People’s Stories of Poverty Relief and Sustainable Development.   

Thank you for your support!

Tell and share your story of change for change by communicating the impact you make!

The next title of FACS for the Summer Issue will be The Odyssey of Climate Finance and Insurance for African Children (OCFIAC).

OCFIAC is an extension of the Odyssey of Empowerment of the people in need like the 3W project users of CENFACS.   It is all the pain the victims of adverse climate change have to endure in their journey to win the mindsets of people to accept that climate finance and insurance are not a voluntary donation but some recognition of human responsibility and the price to pay for man-made behaviour against the nature and the victims from the forced change of the nature. 

More information about the OCFIAC will be released as we get close to the start of the Summer season.

To find out more about FACS Issue no. 60 and previous issues, contact CENFACS.

As part of our Spring 2018 Projects Planning and Development under RILIVES programme, we are re-making the case for the BIG CATS to be saved in Africa.  We informed you about the arrival of this campaign in our previous communications.  The campaign consists of rebuilding the lives of the three BIG CATS in Africa which are: leopard, lion and tiger. 

When we help to rebuild destroyed lives for the victims of environmental and war events, there is not only human life; there are also animal and plant lives.  This Spring 2018, we are working on rebuilding the BIG CATS species, among other development works we are doing.   The BIG CATS campaign is an element of our wider campaign to upkeep the nature. 

For further details about our wider campaign about the nature, you need to check in Autumn our A La Une (Autumn Leaves of Action to Upkeep the Nature in Existence) campaign.



The BIG CATS Campaign

•• How the BIG CATS campaign came about

Every year, the BIG CATS – which are the largest living members of the genus Panthera – experience threats and risks of extermination and extinction in Africa and elsewhere.   These threats and risks lead to their illegal trade.  This is the general pattern of the threats and risks they face. 

To this general pattern, their lives and situations are made even worse in places where there are wars, armed conflicts, famine, insecurity and environmental disasters.  In these places, because of the economic difficulties that local people experience themselves in terms of copying and surviving from these situations and events, animals (in particular the BIG CATS) are completely forgotten.  They are not a priority as the crisis reinforces the perception in the mindsets of some locals that human lives are the first priority. 

This lack of interest makes even animals, like the BIG CATS (to name a few of examples of animals), more exposed to exploitation for illegal trade than ever before.  This is despite the conventions against illegal trade of animals, and similar works carried out previously.

Examples of places of instability where there is little considerable about animal lives are multiple, because the difficult local situations. 

One of them is in the Democratic Republic of Congo with prolong political instability and the destruction of natural heritage; the BIG CATS (such as leopards, lions and tigers) have to bear the costs and the prices of armed conflicts and irresponsible governance. 

Another example is in the dried region of African Sahel where animals and humans had to compete for water because of severe drought.  In this competition, quite often animals get sacrificed as human needs preside over animal requests.

Yet, it is possible to establish a fair balance between the two types of demands and/or competing ends.  This is why we are re-launching this campaign.

•• What the BIG CATS campaign is about

It is about helping to save the BIG CATS in Africa particularly in places that experienced destructive wars and environmental disasters.  We are arguing to reduce and end the threats, mistreats and risks faced by leopards, lions and tigers in Africa. 

Our campaign, which consists of rebuilding the lives of these Panthera species, should be understood in the context of our Spring 2018 Projects Planning and Development carried out within the programme of Rebuilding Lives Destroyed by Wars and Environmental Events

When we help to rebuild destroyed lives for the victims of environmental and wars events, there is not only human life.  There are as well animal and plant lives.  It is this specific context of our Rebuilding Lives programme that drives this campaign. 

So, for the rest of our Spring 2018 campaign, we are focusing on helping to rebuild the life of the three BIG CATS species in Africa: leopard, lion and tiger.

•• What CENFACS want you to do

CENFACS want you to support the BIG CATS in Africa.  You can either donate or support this campaign otherwise (in the way you feel it is the most suitable for you and within your means and limits) so that we can together help save the BIG CATS in Africa, particularly but not exclusively in places subject to armed conflicts, famine, environmental disasters and poor governance towards animal welfare and wellbeing.

CENFACS hope you will consider this appeal for the BIG CATS in Africa.   


Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

Thank you as well to those who made comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks


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