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Summaries of Happiness Projects

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

31 July 2019

Post No. 102



The Week’s Contents


• Summaries of Happiness Projects in a Changing Climate

• Happiness Budget 2019 – Holiday Budget Deficit

• Feedback on Seven Days of Development in July 2019 Festival


… and much more!



Key Messages


~ Summaries of Happiness Projects in a Changing Climate


After introducing last week the general theme of our Happiness Projects for this Summer, theme which is Happiness in a Changing Climate, we are now highlighting them by providing you with their summaries. 

Their summaries have been given under the Main Development section of this post.  However, full details of these projects are available on request from CENFACS, including ways of accessing and using them. 

To access and or support them, just contact CENFACS.


~ Happiness Budget 2019 – Holiday Budget Deficit

How to avoid and manage holiday budget deficit in a changing climate


We are continuing our tips and hints on Happiness Budget by looking at holiday budget deficit.

A deficit is generally defined as the amount by which expenditure is greater than income.  In terms of holiday budget deficit, it simply means that one’s holiday expenditure is more than holiday income.  This could suggest that there could be a need to finance one’s holiday budget deficit. 

Yet, speaking about holiday budget deficit could seem bizarre since we are talking about poor people or those in need.  These are the people who often struggle to make ends meet.  They are the ones who often are short of money to tie the knots of the two ends of the month.  Despite that any sensible humans should do some budgeting, here holiday budgeting. 

We will be working with them on how to avoid and manage holiday budget in a changing climate.  We are doing it while taking into consideration the way in which climate change is affecting their holiday budget in what they eat, drink, cover or uncover their body, entertain, shelter, etc themselves.

To learn or seek support on how to avoid and manage holiday budget deficit in a changing climate, please contact CENFACS.


~ Feedback on Summer Festival 2019, the Seven Days of Development in July 2019 Festival


In focus for this Year’s Summer Festival: Can Democratic Transition Transform Poor People’s Lives in Africa?

Our Summer 2019 Festival of Thoughts and Actions is now closed. 

We would like to thank all those who made contributions.  Seven days were many days to think but if we want to do something about poverty and transform lives, we need more times and days on our work.

Although the Festival is closed, we would like to ask you again to provide a feedback about the experience you have had with it.  You could also say, if you can, something about the previous Festivals so that we can improve the ways these days of thoughts and actions on poverty relief and sustainable development are prepared and run. 

Our feedback formula remains the same as for the Analytics month.  It consists of you using your own words and numbers to tell and share what you think of the Festivals.  We would like you to keep your freedom to tell us what you think. 

You can feedback via email at facs@cenfacs.org.uk and or by completing the comment form on our website. 


Extra Messages 


~ All-in-one Impact Feedback ends today.

Stakeholders’ and Users’ Experiences Reporting in their own words and numbers


Our Analytics month of bringing light to what worked, what did not work and of measuring what we achieved in our last financial year has come to an end. 

We would like to thank those who responded to our All-in-one Impact Feedback. We shall look at and analyse all the responses received and appropriately reflect on some of the points raised by all feedback respondents.

For those who have not yet responded to our request, they can still submit their feedback by the 15th of August 2019 while we are studying the information and feedback we have received so far. 

Again, thank you so much for your feedback support.


~ Humanitarian Relief Appeal to Africa in a Changing Climate


Our Summer Appeal to support poor children, young people and families over this Summer of a changeable climate is still running.

You can donate £4 or any amount that you can afford to help relieve the continuing pressing needs in Africa in the era of changeable climate.

To donate, just contact CENFACS at http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/




~ Poor People’s Summer Holiday: Creating and Sustaining Happiness for the Future Generations


This week, we are interested in the way poor people prepare and pass their holidays, particularly their Summer holiday.   We are doing it knowing that they have not got any means to choose and enjoy their holiday like the non poor. 

Our interest is to find out their needs about holiday making and enjoyment so that happiness can be created and sustained amongst them, and possibly for the generations to come.

As part of this interest in the poor’s holiday, we are asking those who can to share their experiences on how poor people and families spend their Summer holiday.

In doing so, we hope to develop a campaign or advocacy to make future holidays happier for them compared to the ones they are currently passing.

To support us with your experience on how poor people and families pass their holidays, particularly Summer holiday, please contact CENFACS.





Main Development


Summaries of Happiness Projects in a Changing Climate


The 2019 Edition of Summer of Happiness, Peace, Protection and Sustainability is out now. 

As explained in the last post last week, the 2019 Happiness Projects may have kept the same names like in the previous Summers, but their contents reflect this year’s theme of happiness in a changing climate. 

These projects are as follows:

1) Happy Summer Break 2) Holiday with Relief  3) Removing Vulnerability Peacefully  4) Sustainable Summer  5) VISIBLENESS and ONUS (Concept projects)  6) Networking for Protection & Safeguarding. 


They are the combination of skills, knowledge, resources, tools, boosters and tasters for poverty relief.  They consist of

√ two resource projects (Family Happiness Mini-Guide and Holiday Information Manager), 

√ one communication-protection project (Networking Platform for Happiness),

√ one advocacy project (Removing Vulnerability Peacefully),

√ one sustainable development initiative (Sustainable Summer) and

two concept-projects (VISIBLENESS and ONUS) working as one √


We have considered the effects of climate change all over our Summer 2019 Programme.  In other words, all the six Happiness Projects will have green, sustainable and climate changing contents.  The consideration of the effects of climate change all across is what makes Summer 2019 of its kind.   

This is done to help improve life evaluation while taking actions to enhance the same life in a changeable climate.  In this way, Summer can be a season of Happiness NOT of Misery for unserved and under-served children, young people and families who are at the same time the victims of the adverse effects of climate change. 

They are the victims of adverse effects of climate change because climate change affects the way they dress, eat, house, educate, entertain, care for their health, and above all the way they pass Summer holiday.

Here are the summaries of the Happiness Projects making the 2019 Summer Programme Part II.  As said previously, these projects can help in achieving some joyful, helpful and hopeful Summer plans, goals and outcomes.  



We would like to wish all multi-dimensionally Poor Children, Young People and Families Happy, Vulnerability-free, Peaceful, Safe and Sustainable Summer Days. 


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We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support throughout 2019.

With many thanks.



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