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Climate Finance & Insurance Actions

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13 March 2019

Post No. 82


The Week’s Contents


• Climate Action Month and Weeks – In Focus: Climate Finance and Insurance

• The 2020s Development Agenda

• Quadranscentennial (Q) Year and Project


… and much more!



Key Messages


~ Climate Action Month and Weeks – In Focus: Climate Finance and Insurance

Our Climate Action Month and Weeks is now in the second week with a focus on Climate Finance and Insurance actions.  These are financial and protective actions or initiatives that help to make the fight against adverse effects of climate change to become a reality and deliver tangible outcomes. 

Under the Main Developments section of this post, we have provided the key points of this week’s climate action advocacy.

~ The Twenty-twenties (2020s) Development Agenda

The discussions and thoughts about CENFACS’ 2020s Development Agenda have started.  These discussions and thoughts are carried out in parallel with the review and evaluation of the 2010s Programme.

To bring your input to either the review of the 2010s or the preparation of the 2020s Development Programme, contact CENFACS.

~ Quadranscentennial (Q) Year and Project: Is climate reclaimable?

Our Q Year and Project include climate actions this month.  So, as part of our previous work/action entitled “Reclaiming the Climate”, CENFACS is looking into its quadranscentennial legacies related to the actions carried out under reclaiming the climate in Africa.

Reclaiming the Climate was and is CENFACS’ sustainable development initiative aiming at helping to reduce adverse effects and impacts of climate change; in doing so undertaking actions on the cut of carbon emissions to get the climate and temperature (whether at local or national or regional or even global levels) at the level and degree that are acceptable for the future survival of these different places or levels.

To make climate reclaimable possible, contact CENFACS.



Extra Messages


~ Algeria Peace Appeal Response

Our appeal for a peaceful transition to political democratisation processes in Algeria continues.  We would like to thank those who responded to this appeal.  It is possible to achieve fruitful democratic change through a model of peaceful poverty relief movements. 

One can hope the Algerian case will be another example of peaceful democratic change.  If this is the case, this will help avoid Algeria going down the line of humanitarian crisis as we saw in other places in Africa like in Libya.

To support and or enquire about the Algeria Peace Appeal, contact CENFACS.

~ Halving Poverty for the Children Victims of War in the Central African Republic (CAR)

Our campaign to halve poverty in CAR is still running.  You can help to halve poverty in CAR by donating £5 or more. 

To donate or enquire about Halving Child Poverty in CAR, go to http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/

Thank you!

~ Making Zero Hunger Africa campaign

We are pursuing our appeal to step up efforts to reduce hunger in Africa.   It is worthwhile pursuing a deserving cause such as reducing or even ending the number of hungry people in Africa and elsewhere in the world including in the UK.  This is regardless of the knowledge of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2 of Hunger Zero that one may have.

To respond and or enquire about this campaign, contact CENFACS.



Main Development

Actions on Climate Finance and Insurance

Our climate action is in its week two (starting from 11 March 2019) with a focus on finance and insurance.  Climate action on finance and insurance is about doing something by mobilising financial funds and covering against damage (or loss or death) as result of adverse effects of climate change. 

Our action on this matter, which includes our previous works on the Financial and Insurance Odyssey, covers three levels of work as follows: actions on finance, actions on insurance and actions with Africa-based Sister Organisations.  Some of these areas of actions cross each other.

~ Actions on climate finance or financial resources mobilisation include the following:

√ Clean technology fund (CTF) that work for poor children from poor nations

√ Equity resulting from converted CTF debt to benefit children from poor nations

√ Mobilisation of adaptation fund and least developed countries fund

√ Mobilisation of the climate finance system that makes climate finance work for children.

√ Climate finance friendly solutions to child protection against climate change

~ Actions on climate insurance or cover against damage, loss and death revolve around the following

√ Reduction of insurance premiums to improve affordability of insurance for poor and vulnerable children

√ Helping children victims of climate change from poor countries to buy insurance policies related to new technologies

√ Making risk insurance work for African children

√ The development of anticipatory, absorptive and adaptive capacities

~ Actions to support Africa-based Sister Organisations working on climate finance and insurance consist of

√ Climate donations and donors

√ Financial products and services to fund climate change work undertaken by these organisations

√ Insurance products and services to cover climate risks and threats

√ Private funds mobilisation

√ Climate fundraising activities and events

√ Grant making for climate work

√ Climate income generating activities etc

Briefly, climate actions for the week two will take into account the key activities carried out to mobilise climate finance and get cover against the adverse effects and impacts from climate change, especially for those who cannot afford to pay for the cost and cover against adverse effects and impacts of climate change.  


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