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Local Protections

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

04 April 2018

Post No. 33


The Week’s Contents

/ ReLive No. 10

/ Holiday with Relief – Spring 2018 Issue

/ Local protections

Key Highlights of the Week’s Contents

Those who are familiar with CENFACS’ development calendar know that April is the month of Protections at CENFACS.

As we are in the year of Local People at CENFACS, this year’s Protections month will be a local affair. 

This month is within one year of the UK’s exit from the EU.  Because of that, we will add to our Local Protections the economic dimensions of Protection.  In particular, we will think – at our climax Day of Reflection – of ways of Making Economic Transition Work for Children and Women

Details of the Economic Protection Day, which is scheduled for the 27th of this month, will be released in due course.

The week is also about the Spring 2018 Issue of Holiday with Relief – one of CENFACS’ ICDP (Individual Capacity Development Programme) resources.  This year the focus of our holiday resource is on Local Information and News

Indeed, whether we pass our Spring or Easter holiday at home or away, we need local information from whether we would be based to pass our holidays.  We need it so that we can make our plans and achieve our holiday goals and aims successfully. 

In digital and online worlds, accessing local information is now become easier than ever before.  With an average smart mobile phone, one should be able to access local information they need. 

The week is finally of the 10th Issue of ReLive.  ReLive is one of CENFACS’ Spring campaigns and a bridge between CENFACS’ Winter Lights and Spring Relief seasons.  The 10th issue of CENFACS’ Annual Spring Appeal for Renewing Life (ReLive) focuses on the support for the peoples of the three selected Islands East of Africa, which are: Madagascar, Mauritius and Comoros.

For further details about the 10th Issue of ReLive and the fundraising campaign related to it, go to http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/


Holiday with Relief (HwR) – Spring 2018 Issue: Local Information

This Issue, which gives some useful and hassle-free holiday tips and hints as well as handy holiday information, covers three areas of interest related to holiday making:

♦ Online local information with search tips and hints

♦ Print local information with guidance and directions

♦ The use of social media networks and platforms to access local information

To get a copy of this resource and or of previous ones, please contact CENFACS. 


Local Protections: Tightening the Fences of Protection Locally

There are many types and aspects of protection.  To keep our Local Year Campaign going, we have chosen to focus this year on local aspects of protection, on tightening the fences of protection locally.   As a result, our month of Protections has been organised as follows.

♦ Local protection against natural events (week beginning 02 April 2018)

♦ Local infrastructures for protection (week beginning 09 April 2018)

♦ Local People’s empowerment for protection (week beginning 16 April 2018)

♦ Economic Protection (week beginning 23 April 2018), which will culminate with a Reflection Day at the end of the week

•• Local protection against natural events: Week beginning 02 April 2018

The process of shielding or keeping people safe from destructive natural events (such as flooding, landslides, violent rains, drought etc from severe weather) or against damage, loss and destruction; has a significant local content and impact.

In our first week of the Local Protections month, we are looking at the following:

♦ Ways of protecting people living in areas affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies to survive and protect themselves

♦ Ways of supporting locally-led natural crisis responses

♦ Community-led and community-based protection and survival

♦ Links between local, national and global protections from natural events

♦ How our Africa-based Sister Organisations are coping with local protections (for example the copying strategies in the case of the victims of natural disasters in DR Congo and of the poor traders facing off with militia over extortion demands in Central African Republic), with localisation and locally-led responses

♦Protection organised by local communities to support displaced people by natural events

♦Protection from the effects and impacts of treacherous weather in order to avoid risks and hazards to health 

To support or to get details about this week’s local protection work, please contact CENFACS.

 Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks

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