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Spring Relief 2018

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

21 March 2018

Post No. 31

This Week’s and Spring’s Contents

  • Spring Relief Projects and Programmes
  • Climate Stake & Protection for African Children (CSPAC) – Phase 2Katowice Implements Paris (KIP)
  • Spring Appeal (ReLive, Issue No. 10) & ICDP (Individual Capacity Development Programme) Resource (Holiday with Relief)

What’s on offer at CENFACS

We have on offer for this week and this Spring 2018 the following.

For this week, we are continuing our work on CSPAC P. 2 with KIP as our 2018 working theme.  We are also undertaking Local Climate Action activities to keep up with our month of Climate Action.

For the Spring season, you will find below a number of selected projects and programmes making Spring Relief.  We have added to them two coming initiatives: our Easter humanitarian appeal (ReLive, Issue No. 10) and our Spring ICDP resource (Holiday with Relief).


This week’s activities

•• Activities under CSPAC – P.2 with KIP

Need Assessment of the Costs of Climate Protection for Children

Children have many types of needs starting from the basic to the more complex ones, like any human beings.  Amongst children’s needs are those to reduce poverty and hardships.  Along with these needs are financial and insurance requests to meet and address the adverse impacts and effects of climate change. 

As part of KIP, we are working on these financial and insurance needs.  This is because in order to advocate with children for climate finance and insurance covers, one needs to work out costs and carry out a financial need assessment of these covers.  This is done bearing in mind the characteristics of climate events at particular places.

•• Activities under Local Climate Action

Activities for LCA for this week include the following.

Climate Change Action plans: This activity is about looking at the gaps between plans and achievements, between what has worked and what is not working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Mapping of Climate Change Actions: This activity helps in identifying good actions taken locally and rating them.

To engage with the contents or activities related to CSPAC – P.2 and LCA, please contact CENFACS. 


Coming this Spring: Holiday with Relief (Resource) and ReLive (Appeal)

Holiday with Relief: Focus for 2018 is on Local Information

To reflect CENFACS’ Local Year Campaign in our Spring resource, we have chosen to raise the importance of local information whether we pass holidays at home or away.  To achieve a successful holiday, we need local information which we can get through local newspapers, magazines, institutions, shops, tourist offices, TVs, radios, libraries etc. 

We can also use Google search engine and other information search platforms from our mobile phones or any digital devices to access the types of information we need.  So, whether we pass our holidays at home or go away we need local information to enjoy our holidays.

ReLive, Issue No.10

CENFACS’ Annual Spring Appeal for Renewing Life (ReLive) will focus on advocating for support for the peoples of three African countries surrounded by water or island countries (Comoros, Madagascar and Mauritius). 

Details of the Gifts for Renewing Lives will be released by the middle of Spring.

Apart from these above coming initiatives, please also find below some other selections from our Spring menu of works.

To get further details about Holidays with Relief and ReLive, please contact CENFACS.


Spring Relief 2018: Projects and Programmes

The following selected initiatives (selected for public information) are amongst those which will make Spring Relief 2018 at CENFACS.

April: Protection Month

••  This month’s protection theme is Local Protection (Protection project)

••  Women and Children projects (3W & PPS Reflection Day):

Making Transitional Economy Work for Women and Children – Economic Protection Day (Protection project)

May: Stories Telling Month

•• May Stories – Entries for Stories on Poverty Relief and Development for May 2018 are now open. Tell your story of change for change to CENFACS, contact CENFACS for story telling terms and conditions.

Local People’s and Champions’ Stories of Poverty ReliefTell it! (Volunteer’s & Stories Telling project)

•• Rebuilding Africa: Rebuilding Lives in the African Islands of South-East Africa (Appeal project)

June: Creation & Innovation Month

•• 16.4 Project: Sixteen Years of CENFACS in Four Days of Celebration – Sedecim Year (Celebration project)

•• Creations and Innovations for Transitional Economy and Poverty Reduction with Jmesci project (Creation project): Featuring Local Creations


The above initiatives are only a selection of what we have planned for Spring Relief season.  We may introduce new initiatives and or upgrade the existing ones depending on the circumstances as we have from time to time to respond to emergencies and urgent humanitarian issues.  In which case, we shall let you know. 

Also, in every work we do to try to help reduce poverty, there is always a cost to bear.  If you could help alleviate some of our costs, we would more acknowledge your support than just appreciate your gesture.  

To request further information about Spring Relief projects and programmes, please contact CENFACS. 


Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support in 2018.

With many thanks


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