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Climate Talks, Volunteering & The CENFACS Community


Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary!

14 December 2017

Newly opened CENFACS Charity e-Store!

We would like first of all to inform and remind you that CENFACS Charity e-Store is now opened for you to donate goods and or to shop for donated goods which are on our online window display store on the page “Charity e-Shop” of this website.

CENFACS would be more than happier if you could be one of its goods donor or donated goods shopper at its newly opened Charity e-Store.

We would like to make the following request.  The festive time is a particular time when we can try something new or a new experience in our shopping habits.  In particular, when shopping at business stores for gifts one can try as well to promote good causes by shopping at charity stores.

We would be pleased if you could consider CENFACS Charity e-Store as a new shopping experience over this festive season.

Thank you for your support.


Contents of the week beginning 11 December 2017

The hit/pick of this week’s advocacy is the pursuit of Climate Protection and Stake for African ChildrenPhase 2 through the follow up of the Paris Summit on Climate Mobilisation.

The week is also the start of our preparation for the end of the year 2017 through our December celebratory project the Community Value Chains, the CENFACS Community.

Our All in Development Winter e-discussion, which normally takes us to the New Year, has already kicked off since 05 December 2017.  This time our discussion is about doing voluntary work during a transitional period after a country (like the UK) is the process of exiting a regional economic bloc (such as European Union).  It is what we call Volunteering in the Post-Regional Economic Integration Era.

CPSAC – P.2: The Paris Summit on Climate Mobilisation (PSCM)

The overarching goal of the PSCM was to mobilise public and private finance for projects to implement the Paris International Agreement on Climate Change.

The CENFACS demand to the global climate talks is to give climate protection and stake for African children.  This demand is undertaking through the follow up of global climate talks like the PSCM.

Our climate follow up of this week’s round discussions held in Paris would be on

  • Making clean technology fund (CTF) work for poor children from poor nations
  • The equity resulting from converted CTF debt to benefit children from poor nations as well
  • The new pledges, if any, for adaptation fund and Least Developed Countries Fund to be mobilised to give a stake to poor children’s needs
  • Mobilisation of the climate finance system and architecture to be designed so as to support poor children of poor countries 

We all know that the Paris Summit was held on last 12 December 2017.  We are still discussing the outcomes of this Summit.

The findings from these outcomes will be included in our next communication regarding the CPSAC – P.2. 

In meantime, if you would like to talk about this Summit  with CENFACS, just forward your comments.  

To tell what you think and or support CPSAC – P.2, contact CENFACS


All in Development Winter e-discussion: Volunteering in the Post-Regional Economic Era

Volunteering in the Post-Regional Economic Integration Era is CENFACS’ 7th Winter volunteering e-discussion since we launched in 2010 our discussion on Volunteering for Poverty Reduction in the 2010s.  These 2017 wintry thoughts will focus on the effects of the process of a country (like UK) leaving a given regional economic integration scheme (such as European Union); effects on voluntary organisations for example CENFACS and its Africa-based Sister Organisations.

Over the last years, All in Development Winter e-discussion has become one of the CENFACS’ bridging projects, a bridge between the ending year (2017) and the starting year (2018).  

Since 2012, our Winter e-discussion has been influenced by what has been happening at the global level with development goals settings; so reflecting our desire to keep a link between both local and global developments as the two are intertwined.  The 2016-2017 Winter e-discussion expressed the same spirit and degree of interest when planning and formulating its content. 

With a slight difference and noticed exception, the 2017-2018 Winter e-discussion has been influenced by the exit of the UK from the European Economic Integration model.   

Supporting All in Development Volunteer Scheme (AiDVS) 

It is possible to support CENFACS and its AiDVS from wherever you are (at home, work, away, online, on the go and move etc.). 

Supporting us does not need to be magical and majestic. 

You can still enjoy a great festive season while you are supporting us. 

There are many simple helpful and useful ways of adding value to our voluntary work. 

Here are some suggestions on ways of supporting with wintry and festive news, information and products:

  • Gift ideas for the best ways of monitoring, evaluating and reviewing projects and programmes in the new year and development era
  • Savings and scrimping for AiDVs
  • Festive deals, packages, coupons & vouchers for AiDVs
  • Technologies for volunteering to make the world a better place for a low-carbon and sustainable future we all want
  • Low carbon economic products to protect the environment
  • Digital and media support to better volunteer for a climate-friendly   and sustainable world
  • Festive gifts for sustaining for voluntary work in the Post-regional    Economic Integration era
  • Wintry & festive giveaways for volunteering for a better world etc.

Recalling CENFACS’ Winter Volunteering E-Discussion Since Its Inception In 2010

2010-2011: Volunteering for Poverty Reduction in the 2010s which was the first e-discussion was based on how All in Development Volunteers (AiDVs) could play their role in CENFACS’ 2010s Poverty Reduction Advocacy programme of work

2011-2012: Green Volunteering helped us to e-discuss ways of supporting Green Economy  through Voluntary Green initiatives

2012-2013: With Sustainable Volunteering, we looked at the new currents and waves of sustainable development on volunteering and voluntary work

2013-2014: The focus was on Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda Process

2014-2015: Our e-discussion theme was Volunteering for the Post-2015 Development Agenda Process & Climate Treaty

2015-2016: Our e-conversion was devoted to The Implementation & Delivery of New Agendas, Goals & Agreements 

2016-2017: Our e-talks dealt with Projects and Programmes of Monitoring, Evaluation and Review within the Context of 2020-2030 Follow up Programme 

To e-discuss Volunteering in the Post-Regional Economic Integration Era, please contact CENFACS or just forward your comments, views and experiences to us.


Community Value Chains (CVC): The CENFACS Community 


What is CENFACS’ Community Value Chains (CVC)?

It is a community value control, inspirational and motivational project of end-of- year celebration introduced by CENFACS in 2009.  The project is based on a basic idea of development which is as follows.  

What one of our community members best does which well works for them can have an underlying good value.  If there is a good value, it is desirable to share such value so that other community members could be aware of it and build a sort of chains of beliefs and community spirit/principles within our support network.

It is all about improving lives and outcomes of community members and enlivening capacities by sharing good practices, values and achievements. 

In doing so, we can pull together as one community, strengthen our links and bonds, learn our differences and harness  transformative changes we all want amongst us and beyond our self-interests. 

CENFACS’ CVC or the CENFACS Community is our voluntary local and non-profit making arm inside which all our projects and activities carried out in the UK are grouped and delivered; the other two domains being CENFACS International and CENFACS Fund for Poverty Relief and Development.

What are those Shared Values?

Good practices and good values do not need to be big or exceptional or even spectacular.  They are the simple good things we do every day, which may have worked for us and could work for others as well.  

They could be life and work learning experiences, lifestyles, helpful differences, social responsibilities and principles that underpin them.

In focus for CVC 2017 Celebration: CENFACS AS A TALENTED COMMUNITY

The Celebratory Theme for CVC’s 9th Celebration is CENFACS as a Talented Community

We are a community of talents because our children like us got talents.   Because we and our children got talents, we can make a basic mathematical assumption as follows.    

If we sum up or totalise our individual talents, the total of our talents will make us a community of talented people.

The 2017 CVC celebration is of the display of our known talents, but also of unknown or hidden ones.  The hidden talents are those we were not aware of or simply we did not have the opportunity to put them into practice.

So, the CVC’s 9th celebration is about bringing together our talents (both revealed and hidden) to celebrate them as what makes us a Talented Community.

Share, spread, Tweet & Facebook the message

To enable us to build chains with you and others and to keep our support network alive, please spread the message to/pass it on around you.

If you feel that you need first to talk to us before responding to this invitation of en-of-year celebration, please let us know. 

If you prefer to respond via e-mail, you are free to do so at facs@cenfacs.org.uk

Whatever way/means you choose to enter this project, please reply by the 23rd of December 2017 to ease the end-of-year 2017 celebration and the start-of-year 2018 preparatory activities, projects and programmes.

Community Value Chains TIMELINE

The following highlights the different yearly themes that so far made the CVC. 

2009: Inception of Community Value Chains as a Community Value Control, Inspirational and Motivational project of end-of- year celebration

2010: Community Value Chains as a Preparatory and Celebratory project to smooth our move to the next year

2011: Our Richness in Community Cohesion:  celebrating the greatness of, and extent to which we are linked to, our community of values and owning our shared values by sticking together as one world.

2012: Great for My Community: What is great value for me could be a great value for the community I am part of and for the organisation I am involved with.

2013: Upgrading Together: Moving together between different stages of the Community Value Chains to gain higher and better returns to participation in high value chains

2014: It is about poverty relief.  Is it?: Bringing under one umbrella all forms of poverty and engineering relevant customised reliefs.

2015: We as a Thriving Community of Capacities: We have the capacity to reduce certain forms of poverty amongst our members and around and outside ourselves

2016: CENFACS as a Social Media Community for Poverty Relief and Development: CENFACS is a social unit having common values, identity and beliefs


To celebrate our shared values and bonds of culture, to take part in our CVC project and develop the CENFACS Community, to tell us about your good value or valued practice or learning experience or even helpful difference and to add your talents (both revealed or hidden) to our Community of Talents; please get in touch.

http://twitter.com/cenfacs               http://facebook.com/cenfacs


Thank you for supporting us and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to CENFACS website and continuing support.

With many thanks!



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