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Autumn 2017 Programme

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary!

20 September 2017


Autumn is the time of natural recycling process of plants and trees.  Leaves change colour and fall.  Without reinventing the wheels, we can say that Autumn of Freshness at CENFACS is the season after the long sunny weather and break of Summer during which our body and mind naturally recycle and engage in renewed energy, strength and thoughts.   Autumn of Freshness is the season of

  • making fresh start after returning back from Summer to resume our life routine, work, education and voluntary action, particularly poverty relief work
  • restarting after having some life and/or work experience (e.g. volunteer experience over the Summer, project visits, holiday trips, travel/expeditions of all kinds etc.)
  • beginning to apply or introduce and share those new experiences, ideas and discoveries we had during the Summer break or holidays
  • novelty, creativity and innovation to try to resolve the old, new and emerging issues of poverty and hardships

So, the keywords for our sharing and engaging contents over the Autumn are Freshness and Fresh Start which will underpin all our works over this period.


Report, Refresh, Renew, Develop and Thrive  with Fresh Start Projects and Programme

Autumn of Freshness is about working together with our users and stakeholders through helpful collection of Fresh Start projects blended together to give a new seasoned leaf of relief during Autumn 2017.   The Autumn programme is made of 1/ Fresh Start Skills, Tips, Hints, Tweaks and Hacks 2/ Transformative experiences 3/ The Season’s appeal to stand up again against poverty and hardships 4/ A slice of Africa’s history 5/ Fresh Start thoughts and inspirations for a better development agenda.  All this is flavoured with hopes, dreams and reasons to believe in the future; a poverty-free, sustainable and carbon-free world. 

Please find below the projects and programmes making CENFACS’ Autumn of Freshness.



  • Save Animals projects (advocacy)
  • A la Une (Autumn Leaves of Action to Upkeep the Nature in Existence (Campaign)
  • Autumn Fresh Start Help (Resource)


  • Autumn Appeal to Support projects (Humanitarian appeal)
  • Making Memorable Difference (History project): African Communicators of the History
  • CENFACS and the New Media and Digital Programme (Communications programme) – A new programme succeeding Communications for Better Change to engage with stakeholders using the tenets of the new media and digital technologies – NEW


  • Climate Protection and Stake for African Children (Phase 2): As “What Bonn Say” nears (Child Protection and Climate Advocacy project)
  • Women & Children FIRST Development Day (Thoughts): End Poverty in all its forms for Women and Children everywhere
  • Triacontadi (Project 32): Together for Renewal of Infrastructures in Africa to Create Opportunities and Needed Transformations for Alternative Development Intergenerational – A project that helps to both create inexistent infrastructures and develop basic infrastructures destroyed by wars, armed conflicts and environmental disasters in order to relieve poverty (Basic Infrastructures project) NEW


  • Project MISATU (Project M): Making Impactful Support to Africa Together with Users – A project that helps to capture and communicate in effective way the impact of support to Africa by involving users (Impact Analysis project) – NEW
  • Post-REI (Regional Economic Integration) Transitional Capacity Building and Development (Empowerment project)

Note: Although the above is scheduled for Autumn 2017, we may slightly alter our initial plan and or introduce occasional initiatives to cope with the reality of the unpredictability and complexity of development situations (e.g. humanitarian and emergency situations), in which case we shall let you know as early as we can.


Where to start

  • Register with us and or update us with your contact details
  • Respond to our communications and communicate with us when occasion arises

Stay in touch with our

  • Newsletter, and other paper and free-paper communication materials
  • Regular updated and upgraded resources and supporting information

Involving us in raising awareness of the poverty relief issue

  • Advertise with us for helpful good causes
  • Pass our relief messages on to interested third parties 

Share your transformative experience

  • Tell us what you think and or your development story
  • Help us improve with your voices, comments, reports & feedbacks 

Boost your support

  • Support us according to your means and limits as every support counts
  • Add value to your support, if you can, by improving your support to us to support you and or others

Get noticed to go further with your involvement

  • Register and keep up to date with information about your event, project, activity etc
  • Join up our network of poverty relief and development work

Stay ahead of the games with us

  • Communicate with us before hands and when the needs arise
  • Often read our news alerts, tweets and switch to our new developments

Make our communications with you to be a two-way process and multi-channel approach

  • Talk to CENFACS and CENFACS will talk to you as well and vice versa
  • Help us improve the flow of information on poverty relief and development using a variety of channels

Be contactable and present via

  • E-mail, (tele or mobile) phones, physical address and social media platforms
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations, outreach and other means of contact

Keep your involvement with CENFACS digital and on papers

  • Up-to-date information on to your mobile by our free text alerts and messages
  • Check CENFACS’ website and make enquiries online 24 hours 7 days a week

The above ways of getting involved in CENFACS’ work may not be exhaustive.  Should you have any other way, please let us know.

Thank you for supporting us and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits to CENFACS website and continuing support.

With many thanks!

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