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ABCD Project

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12 December 2018

Post No. 69



 The Week’s Contents


 • Adaptation for Building Capacity and Development (ABCD) project

 • All in Development Winter e-Discussion: Volunteering in a New Climate Economy

• Community Value Chains (CVC): The CENFACS Community 


 … and much, much more!


Key Messages from the Week’s Contents


This week is the start of our fundraising campaign for the Festive Season.  This campaign is being carried out through the Gifts of Peace, which are back to give the Festive Season’s kick and get our supporters in the mood of the Season’s Gifts. 

As usual, we have 12 Gifts to bring and sustain Peace for those in need and rise to the poverty-relieving challenge again.

To support and get further details about these 12 Gifts of Peace, go to  http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/


The pick of this week’s advocacy is the pursuit of Climate Protection and Stake for African Children – Phase 2 with Katowice Implements Paris as our working theme.  It is the follow up of the Climate Change talks in Poland, which are due to end this week. 

The findings or outcomes from our follow up will be included in our next communications regarding the CPSAC – P.2.  In meantime, if you would like to talk about this Conference with CENFACS, just forward your comments to CENFACS.


The week is as well the resumption of the Post-Regional Economic Integration discussion with the ABCD project, which has taken over the previous works we did on this area of advocacy.  ABCD is one of our Autumn 2018 eleven ways of helping to reduce poverty this festive season and in the New Year.

Under the Main Development section of the post, you will find a summary about this project.


Our All in Development Winter e-discussion, which normally takes us to the New Year, has already kicked off since 05 December 2018.  This time our discussion is about doing voluntary work in a New Climate Economy.


The week is finally the start of our preparation for the end of the year 2018 through our December celebratory project the Community Value Chains, the CENFACS Community.  Under the Main Developments section of this post, we have provided more information about this year’s celebration.


Extra Messages


Festive Income Booster: Festive Work

Promoting the right of celebration for Poor Children, Young People and Families by boosting their income over the festive season continues to occupy our December poverty relief and sustainable development agendas.  Likewise, Festive Work as Season’s theme from this year’s edition of Festive Income Booster is also preoccupying our mindset. 

To access this Individual Capacity Development Programme resource, contact CENFACS.


Festive SHOPPING and DONATIONS at http://cenfacs.org.uk/shop/

Every occasion or every season is an opportunity to do something against poverty and hardships.  The festive season, which is a great time to share precious moments with your love ones, is also a period to spread a little extra happiness to those who do not have. 

You can give your unwanted and unneeded goods to CENFACS’ Charity e-Store, the shop built to help relieve poverty.  You can buy second hand goods and bargain priced new items and much more. 

CENFACS’ Charity e-Store needs your support for Festive SHOPPING and DONATIONS.

You can do something different this Festive Season by SHOPPING or DONATING GOODS at CENFACS Charity e-Store. 

You can DONATE or SHOP or do both:

√ DONATE unwanted GOODS and PRODUCTS to CENFACS Charity e-Store during the festive period 2018

√ SHOP at CENFACS Charity e-Store to support good and deserving causes of poverty relief during the festive period

Your SHOPPING and or GOODS DONATIONS will help to the Upkeep of the Nature and to reduce poverty.



 Main Developments from the Week’s Contents


• • Adaptation for Building Capacity and Development (ABCD) project

What is ABCD?

ABCD, which is the rebrand of our Post-Regional Economic Integration (REI) initiative and takes stock of it, is an adaptation and mitigation project of enhancement of people’s capacity to survive in the new environment of economic mutation or change from the regional economic integration.  The project has four components: adaptation to the new economic change, building of human capacity in a new economy in order to develop in a better and sustainable way.

Climate change affecting the Earth planet requires humans to adapt and mitigate its adverse effects or impacts, so does economic change that adversely impacts regional economic blocs such as the European Union.  Although there could be significant differences between the two changes, it is right to admit that in both cases humans need adaptation and mitigation. 

By regional economic change, we simply mean that either an economy is exiting or exited from the regional economic integration bloc or even does not exit but nonetheless the REI bloc undergoes some economic changes.  These changes need to be of significant scope to force people and organisations to adapt and mitigate.


ABCD is an adaptation and mitigation project that aims at reducing poverty and vulnerability amongst people subject to the effects and impacts of economic change affecting a regional economic bloc (like the European Union) or a mutating economy (like the UK) within the exiting and non-exiting frameworks.  This will be done by people adapting their minds and behaviour to the new changing economic environmental conditions, building capacities and developing skills to mitigate the adverse effects and impacts from undesirable economic change.

ABCD expects to achieve the following outcomes:

√ Less vulnerable and deprived people and families during the evolutionary process of regional economic blocs and mutating economies

√ Resilient people against the effects of economic change

√ Increase in multi-skilled people in the economy

√ Reduced precariousness amongst people and families

√ Improved quality of life

√ Enhanced economic well-being of people etc

ABCD Beneficiaries

We can anticipate that those who will benefit from the implementation of ABCD are the following:

√ Those in need of transferable and convertible skills

√ Those who need basic skills to manage economic transition and mutation

√ Those with inadequate skills and in need of universal skills

√ Those who want to build their capacity to be able to reduce poverty and hardships 

To support or get further details about this initiative, contact CENFACS.



• • All in Development Winter e-discussion: Volunteering in a New Climate Economy

Volunteering in a New Climate Economy is CENFACS’ 8th Winter volunteering e-discussion since we launched in 2010 our discussion on Volunteering for Poverty Reduction in the 2010sThese 2018 wintry discussions will focus on how we can reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development in a New Climate Economy

Using the attributes of a New Climate Economy, we are e-conversing on the following issues: market opportunities for the poor, economic savings for them, new jobs and the prospects of improving their well-being, nature-based solutions to the problem of poverty, energy transition, poor people’s resilience, carbon pricing, climate action, climate finance and so on.  All these e-discussed issues shape the climate economy.    

Over the last years, All in Development Winter e-discussion has become one of the CENFACS’ bridging projects, a bridge between the ending year (2018) and the starting year (2019).  

Since 2012, our Winter e-discussion has been influenced by what has been happening at the global level with development goals settings; so reflecting our desire to keep a link between both local and global developments as the two are intertwined.  

The 2018-2019 Winter e-discussion expresses the same spirit and degree of interest when planning and formulating its contents.  It is an e-discussion which is our preparation for and ahead of the Climate Summit to be held in September 2019 by the United Nations.


Supporting All in Development Volunteer Scheme (AiDVS) 

It is possible to support CENFACS and its AiDVS from wherever you are (at home, work, away, online, on the go and move etc.). 

Supporting us does not need to be magical and majestic. 

You can still enjoy a great festive season while you are supporting us. 

There are many simple helpful and useful ways of adding value to our voluntary work.

Here are some suggestions on ways of supporting with wintry and festive news, information and products:

  • Gift ideas for the best ways of monitoring, evaluating and reviewing projects and programmes in the new year and development era
  • Savings and scrimping for AiDVs
  • Festive deals, packages, coupons & vouchers for AiDVs
  • Technologies for volunteering to make the world a better place for a low-carbon and sustainable future we all want
  • Low carbon economic products to protect the environment
  • Digital and media support to better volunteer for a climate-friendly   and sustainable world
  • Festive gifts for sustaining for voluntary work in the Post-regional Economic Integration era
  • Wintry & festive giveaways for volunteering for a better world etc.


Recalling CENFACS’ Winter Volunteering E-Discussion Since Its Inception In 2010

2010-2011: Volunteering for Poverty Reduction in the 2010s which was the first e-discussion was based on how All in Development Volunteers (AiDVs) could play their role in CENFACS’ 2010s Poverty Reduction Advocacy programme of work

2011-2012: Green Volunteering helped us to e-discuss ways of supporting Green Economy  through Voluntary Green initiatives

2012-2013: With Sustainable Volunteering, we looked at the new currents and waves of sustainable development on volunteering and voluntary work

2013-2014: The focus was on Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda Process

2014-2015: Our e-discussion theme was Volunteering for the Post-2015 Development Agenda Process & Climate Treaty

2015-2016: Our e-conversation was devoted to The Implementation & Delivery of New Agendas, Goals & Agreements

2016-2017: Our e-talks dealt with Projects and Programmes of Monitoring, Evaluation and Review within the Context of 2020-2030 Follow up Programme 

2017-2018: The focus of e-chat was on Volunteering in the Post-Regional Economic Integration Era.

To e-discuss Volunteering in a New Climate Economy, please contact CENFACS or just forward your comments, views and experiences to us.

• • Community Value Chains (CVC): The CENFACS Community 

What is CENFACS’ Community Value Chains (CVC)?

It is a community value control, inspirational and motivational project of end-of- year celebration introduced by CENFACS in 2009.  The project is based on a basic idea of development which is as follows. 

What one of our community members best does which well works for them can have an underlying good value.  If there is a good value, it is desirable to share such value so that other community members could be aware of it and build a sort of chains of beliefs and community spirit/principles within our support network.

It is all about improving lives and outcomes of community members and enlivening capacities by sharing good practices, values and achievements; while learning from past mistakes.

In doing so, we can pull together as one community, strengthen our links and bonds, learn our differences and harness transformative changes we all want amongst us and beyond our self-interests. 

CENFACS’ CVC or the CENFACS Community is our voluntary local and non-profit making arm inside which all our projects and activities carried out in the UK are grouped and delivered; the other two domains being CENFACS International and CENFACS Fund for Poverty Relief and Development.

What are those Shared Values?

Good practices and good values do not need to be big or exceptional or even spectacular.  They are the simple good things we do every day, which may have worked for us and could work for others as well.  

They could be life and work learning experiences, lifestyles, helpful differences, social responsibilities and principles that underpin them.


The Celebratory Theme for CVC’s 10th Celebration is CENFACS as a Skilful Community

The celebration will be featured by the skills that made CENFACS a skilful community.  In other words, we shall look at together the skills that contribute to the work of CENFACS; the skills of making helpful difference. 

These skills are: advocacy, project planning, fundraising, advisory, digital, networking, protection, campaigning skills etc.  They are the skills for life, work, poverty relief and sustainable development. 

It is the acknowledgement that CENFACS is advocate, project planner, fundraiser, advisor, campaigner, digital organisation, facilitator, networker, child protector, skills developer, communicator, benevolent and above all an organisation having the desire to make helpful difference.

The above skills make us together who we are and put us in a privileged position to help reduce poverty and enhance sustainable development.    

The 2018 CVC celebration is not only about the display of our skills.  It is also about what these skills have helped us to achieve during this year and in the previous ones, as well as what contribution they will make in the years to come for us and people in need.

Every human being and organisation have a skill, so does the CENFACS Community.  Therefore, the CVC’s 10th celebration is about bringing together our skills (unregistered) as well as those registered in our skills data bank to celebrate them as what makes us a Skilful Community.

Share, Spread & Tweet the message

To enable us to build chains with you and others and to keep our support network alive, please spread the message to/pass it on around you.

If you feel that you need first to talk to us before responding to this invitation of en-of-year celebration, please let us know. 

If you prefer to respond via e-mail, you are free to do so at facs@cenfacs.org.uk

Whatever way/means you choose to enter this project, please reply by the 23rd of December 2018 to ease the end-of-year 2018 celebration and the start-of-year 2019 preparatory activities, projects and programmes.


Community Value Chains TIMELINE

The following highlights the different yearly themes that so far made the CVC. 

2009: Inception of Community Value Chains as a Community Value Control, Inspirational and Motivational project of end-of- year celebration

2010Community Value Chains as a Preparatory and Celebratory project to smooth our move to the next year

2011Our Richness in Community Cohesion:  celebrating the greatness of, and extent to which we are linked to, our community of values and owning our shared values by sticking together as one world.

2012Great for My Community: What is great value for me could be a great value for the community I am part of and for the organisation I am involved with.

2013Upgrading Together: Moving together between different stages of the Community Value Chains to gain higher and better returns to participation in high value chains

2014It is about poverty relief.  Is it?: Bringing under one umbrella all forms of poverty and engineering relevant customised reliefs.

2015We as a Thriving Community of Capacities: We have the capacity to reduce certain forms of poverty amongst our members and around and outside ourselves

2016CENFACS as a Social Media Community for Poverty Relief and DevelopmentCENFACS is a social unit having common values, identity and beliefs

2017: By adding up all our talents, we were able to celebrated CENFACS as a Talented Community.


To celebrate our shared values and bonds of culture, to take part in our CVC project and develop the CENFACS Community, to tell us about your good value or valued practice or learning experience or even helpful difference and to add your skills (both revealed or unrevealed) to our Community of Skills; please get in touch.

http://twitter.com/cenfacs               e-mail: facs@cenfacs.org.uk


Help CENFACS keep the Poverty Relief work going 

We do our work on a very small budget and on a voluntary basis.  Making a donation will show us you value our work and support CENFACS’ work which is currently offered as a free service.

Donate to support CENFACS!

FOR ONLY £1, YOU CAN SUPPORT CENFACS AND CENFACS’ PROJECTS, JUST GO TO http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/

Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

Thank you as well to those who made or make comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support throughout 2018.

With many thanks


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