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A la une Themed Activities

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

10 October 2018

Post No. 60



The Week’s Contents

• History Month: Relationships between Imaging History and Oral   History

• Making Zero Hunger Africa

• A la une (Autumn Leaves of Action to Upkeep the Nature in Existence) Themed Activities


… and much more: 8 No Direct Cash Donations!


Key Messages from the Week’s Contents

~ Relationships between Imaging History and Oral History

We are working this week on the relationships between images and spoken words, before holding our two days (27 and 28 October 2018) of Making Memorable Difference project.  We are particularly interested in the ratio between images (or infographics or data visualisation) and spoken words in the process of telling a story or making oral history.

We are looking at the fact that whether or not too many images can or cannot elude or reduce people’s (especially children) ability to develop their own pictorial representation of the story or history.  In other words, we are searching on the extent to which too many images can enhance or reduce human visual system’s ability to spot trends and patterns in the process of interpreting the past. 

If reduction occurs, can it diminish or derail searches for solutions to the problems of poverty and hardships in the modern world?  Our interest is therefore on the cognitive effect of images – effect that can be destructive, stimulating or neutral – to people’s own imaging representation of the history told.

To engage or contribute to the above work, contact CENFACS.


~ Making Zero Hunger Africa

Making Zero Hunger Africa (MZHA) is one the CENFACS XI Starting Projects for this Autumn.  MZHA has to be placed in the context of the United Nations’ seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, Zero Hunger being Goal number two among them.  MZHA is also in line with similar global projects working to eliminate hunger across the world and Africa. 

Next week, we shall join forces with these other initiatives to strongly advocate for a Zero Hunger World and Africa.  Why we are and will be doing it?  Under the Main Developments section of this post, we have given some reasons for this advocacy. 

~ A la une Themed Activities

Our environmental campaign A la une has already started.  The selected themed areas of work that would work together to shape the central topic or theme of A la une this Autumn have been given under the Main Developments section of this post. 

The first themed area of work is Lifestyles in Harmony with the Nature; themed area which kicks off from today the 10th of October 2018.  Lifestyle is important for the nature and environment.  It is pointless to say that the way we live as human beings is important in terms of our behaviour, habits, tastes, attitudes, environmental standards, works, leisure etc. towards the health and wealth of the nature and the planet Earth.

One of the key recommendations from this week’s Key Climate Report by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change is to make an effort, better take decisive action, at individual level in our lifestyle to significantly reduce the risks of raising global temperature.  We must do it if the goal of 1.5 degrees C has to be reached; as the world is now completely off track in heading towards 3C.

~ Extra News: You can support CENFACS without directly giving cash

Ways of supporting charities are changing.  We too at CENFACS are implementing these new ways of giving and generating incomes.   There are many ways that one can use to support CENFACS without directly given cash.  Under the Main Developments section of this post, we have listed eight ways of giving no direct cash donations.    However, if you choose to donate cash, CENFACS will still accept your cash donations.  


Main Development from the Week’s Contents


Making Zero Hunger Africa: An Increasing Need to Step up Action

The following data explain the growing need to take bold action in order to achieve or Make Zero Hunger Africa.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (1) Africa remains the continent with the highest Prevalence of Undernourishment, affecting almost 21 percent of the population (more than 256 million people) (p.3)…  In Africa, the situation is more pressing in the region of sub-Saharan Africa where an estimated 23.2 percent of the population – or between one out of four and one out of five people in the region – may have suffered from chronic food deprivation in 2017 (p.3).

Likewise, studying the link between conflict and hunger, the World Food Programme (2) argues that there is growing evidence that the increase in hunger of recent years is primarily due to the impact of armed conflicts in countries in Africa, Asia and Middle East.  The same World Food Programme states that a recent 11 percent global increase in the number of people experiencing acute food insecurity … can largely be attributed to conflict and insecurity in countries such Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Nigeria (north-east), South Sudan and Yemen.

The above few data show that we are far from reaching the Zero Hunger goal in Africa by 2030 as planned in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.  Therefore, there is a pressing need to step up action.

(1) Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, The State of Food, Security and Nutrition in the World, Building Climate Resilience for Food Security and Nutrition, Rome, FAO, Licence: CC BY-NC-SA, 3.0 IGO

(2) World Food Programme, Fact Sheet, Hunger and Conflict, Oct. 2018

A la une Themed Activities

During the following periods within this Autumn and A la une season, CENFACS’ advocacy on environment will focus on the following areas from the beginning of every Wednesdays (starting from 10 October 2018) to the rest of Autumn:

Periods                                  Titles of themed areas of work

10/10 to 16/10/2018            Lifestyles in harmony with the nature

17/10 to 23/10/2018             Marine bio-diversity and poverty relief

24/10 to 30/10/2018       Transfer of marine technology for poverty reduction

31/11 to 06/11/2018             Reduction of marine pollution

07/11 to 13/11/2018             Prevention of extinction of threatened species

14/11 to 20/11/2018             Forests and lands

In total, there are six themed areas of work starting from the 10th of October 2018 and thereafter every Wednesdays until the end of Autumn 2018.  These activities will help us to re-communicate our environmental message to upkeep the nature in existence as well as triggering changes with our leaves of action.

To engage with A la une, contact CENFACS


Other Ways of Supporting CENFACS this Autumn and Beyond

Ways of donating to charities are changing.  We too at CENFACS are embracing this change or evolution in our way and pace of getting support.

Those who would like to support CENFACS by using other means than directly giving cash, they can consider the following.

Eight ways of donating to consider this Autumn and in the lead up to the end of the year

1/ Giving unwanted goods and items to CENFACS e-charity store at  http://cenfacs.org.uk/shop/

2/ Sign up for a Gift Aid declaration from which CENFACS can earn an extra 25p for every £1 you give

3/ Nominate CENFACS for a donation at charity fundraising and donation events

4/ Select CENFACS as your preferred charity for donation from advertising revenue

5/ Raise free funds for CENFACS with your online shopping or choose CENFACS as a donation recipient of some of the profits raised from online shopping

6/ Donate your unwanted and unused points and cashback to CENFACS as your chosen charity from your loyalty shopping rewards or good causes gift cards

7/ Name CENFACS as your favourite deserving cause if it happens that you have the opportunity to click the online option “donate cashback to charities”

8/ Donate any unwanted excess points of your loyalty card from apps that may give support to good causes

The above is just the few examples of ways of helping that one can think of or come across with to support CENFACS without having to directly give cash.


Help CENFACS keep the Poverty Relief work going 

We do our work on a very small budget and on a voluntary basis.  Making a donation will show us you value our work and support CENFACS’ work which is currently offered as a free service.

Donate to support CENFACS!

FOR ONLY £1, YOU CAN SUPPORT CENFACS AND CENFACS’ PROJECTS, JUST GO TO http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/

Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

Thank you as well to those who made or make comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support throughout 2018.

With many thanks


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