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Summer of Happiness

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

20 June 2018

Post No. 44

The Week’s Contents

• Creative Economic Development month

• Sedecim Gift

• Summer of Happiness

…   and much more!


Key Messages of the Week’s Contents

Innovate for poverty relief and sustainable development

Our Creative Economic Development month is taking place as scheduled.  In the last 3 weeks, our focus has been on creation; that is on making things and thinking up new ideals of helping to reduce poverty and hardships.  This has been carried out through arts and design activities.

The remaining days of the creative month will be concentrated on innovation;  that is on converting these new ideas into project proposals, on deploying these fresh thoughts, products and services to effectively reduce poverty and hardships.  It is about making our dream of the relief of poverty and hardships to come true or become a reality.  Again, this will be conducted under arts and design activities to innovate for poverty relief and sustainable development.

To support the creative month and innovation week, contact CENFACS.  

Sedecim Gift

Our 4 days of celebration of the 16 years of CENFACS under the project 16.4 (CENFACS Sedecim) went well last week.  We would like to thank you all for your support.

As a follow-up to this celebration, we are running a one week fundraising campaign for those who would like to donate, give a gift or leave a legacy for the project 16.4 (CENFACS Sedecim).  This one week fundraising campaign will take over the fundraising campaign about Halving Poverty which is ending today.  Details of this short campaign have been provided on the Support us page of this website at http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/ 

To donate, gift aid and leave a legacy for the project 16.4, please contact CENFACS.

Tomorrow is the official start of Summer.  It is also the start of the new season for CENFACS.  It is the beginning of Summer of Happiness.  More details about this has been given below.


Main Development of the Week’s Contents

~ Summer of Happiness

CENFACS’ Spring Relief season together with selected Spring projects and programme has coming to an end, although there are still projects that are on-going.   For every of these projects delivered so far, we hope you have found a user-friendly and -centred relief. 

Jmesci (June Month of Environmental and Sustainable Creative Initiatives) and project 16.4 (CENFACS Sedecim) are the projects that have made the last part of Spring 2018 programme.  The first project, which makes our Creative Economic Development month, is still on.  The second has just ended last week. 

In practice, Jmesci is the project that ended our Spring Relief season to start Summer of Happiness.  After creating and innovating for poverty relief and sustainable development, we shall enjoy the sunshine of Summer with Happiness and Peace.  We would forward to Summer, although the warm weather has already started.

Summer is a period of the warm sunny weather that we would like to associate with it at CENFACS.  It is the time of happiness that we all expect, after a long period of full time work and education.  We look forward to a break after such a long time of routine working life, especially as most of CENFACS’ projects and programmes are framed around the school timetable to suit and reflect the needs and living patterns of our users and beneficiaries.

We have now entered Summer of Happiness at CENFACS, the 3rd season of CENFACS’ development calendar and planner, which consists of Summer Programme.  Summer Programme is mainly made of two sets or broad areas  of projects for and with Multi-dimensionally Poor Children, Young People and Families.  This programme consists of two parts as follows:

Happiness Projects (Part I) and Appeal Projects or Humanitarian Relief to Africa (Part 2). 

Besides this main Summer seasonal regular feature, we have also planned other initiatives.  We shall gradually release the contents of these Summer projects as we progress during Summer 2018. 

Our development calendar/planner already indicates what is planned for July and August 2018.  However, should anybody want to find out more, they are welcome to contact CENFACS

~ Summer 2018 Programmes, Projects and Events

7 Projects, 1 Programme: 8 Ways of Helping to Reduce and End Poverty as well as Making this Summer 2018 of Happiness


Thanksgiving days or Supporters’ days


All-in-one Impact Feedback, Project Supporters’ Experience: Projects and Programmes Monitoring, Evaluation & Review

Seven Days of Development in July 2018 (Summer Festival):  Effects of Trade Tariffs on Poverty Relief and Sustainable Development

July & August

CYPFs (Children, Young People and Families) Summer Programme (Part I): Humanitarian Relief – Appeal Projects

CYPFs (Children, Young People and Families) Summer Programme (Part II): resources, Tools, Boosters & Tasters – Happiness Projects with Positive Relief and Healthiness

Summer 2018 Run, Play & Vote to Reduce Poverty: Action-Results

CENFACS’ Poverty Relief League and Le Dernier Carré (the last Square of Poverty Relief)  – Half Year Results and Outcomes


Summer Track, Trip and Trending

We hope you find a joyful, helpful and hopeful relief from the above  programmes and projects on offer at CENFACS  over this Summer!

For details or clarification about the above programmes and projects (including ways of accessing them), contact CENFACS.

Note: Although the above is scheduled for Summer 2018, we may slightly alter our initial plan and or introduce occasional initiatives to cope with the reality of the unpredictability and complexity of development situations (e.g. humanitarian and emergency situations), in which case we shall let you know as early as we can.

Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

Thank you as well to those who made comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks


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