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Creative Economic Development

Welcome to CENFACS’ Online Diary!

06 June 2018

Post No. 42

June Month of Environmental and Sustainable Creative Initiatives (jmesci)

Individual and collective creations, in the ways of improving lives through the thinking and the development of innovative and practical ideas to escape from poverty and hardships and foster a better environment and sustainability, are CENFACS’ area of interest.   We create all over the year and life; however June is the month for us to acknowledge our environmental and sustainable makings. 

June is the month of Creative Economic Development at CENFACS with creation and innovation on the main menu: creation for researching and developing fresh ideas to reduce poverty, particularly extreme poverty; innovation for making these ideas come true, transformable into practical environmental and sustainable initiatives and actions. 

Our month of creation (of thinking up new things) and innovation (of converting our thoughts into tangible outcomes) revolves around global, national, local and sustainable issues and events of the month.  Examples of June world and local environmental events and days of the month are: 

~ The United Nations World Environment Day held on 05/06/2018 under the theme of “Beating the Plastic Pollution

~ The World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2018 to be held on 17/06/2018 in Ecuador.  The Day will convene under the slogan, “Land has true value”.

~ Croydon Environmental Fair to be held on 09/06/2018 at Wandle Park in Croydon (UK).

~ Any other significant inclusive sustainable awareness raising and participation events scheduled for June 2018.

As part of this creative economic development process, we also run Art and Design for Poverty Relief and Sustainable Development as a project.  One of the activities related to this project for this year would be to construct and post cards or objects as expressions of beating plastic pollution to echo the World Environmental Day’s celebratory theme, as well as ways of sustainably managing land to resonate the World Day to combat Desertification and Drought.   

Put it simply, Jmesci is just about finding out ways of engineering creations relating to the environment and sustainability in order to further reduce poverty and improve the quality of life.

This year’s Jmesci is about Creating and Innovating for the Transitional Economy.  Further details about this are given in the Main Development of this Week’s Contents.

June 2018 is also the month we have chosen to continue with our campaign on anti-poverty system – World Anti-poverty System (WAS).  The WAS campaign is a CENFACS’ call for a system to deal with global poverty and poverty in Africa.  This year’s act of the campaign is to Coalesce to Shape the Pattern of Poverty in Africa and Globally.  

The running humanitarian crisis in many parts of Africa as well as the threats of global trade war to the poor are just and yet two of the many examples that demonstrate that the developing world and Africa need a global system that works for the poor should poverty needs to be seriously in the modern era. 

What’s on at CENFACS in June 2018 

The following selected initiatives (selected for public announcement) are amongst those which will make the end of Spring Relief and the start of Summer of Happiness at CENFACS in June 2018.

~ World Anti-poverty System (WAS): Coalesce to Shape the Pattern of Poverty in Africa and Globally (Global advocacy project)

~ Sedecim Project or Project 16.4: Sixteen Years of CENFACS in Four Days (Celebration project)

~ Creating and Innovating for the Transitional Economy with Jmesci project (Creation and innovation project)

~ Thanksgiving Days

Note:  The above initiatives are only a selection of what we have planned for June 2018.  We may introduce new initiatives and or upgrade the existing ones depending on the circumstances as we have from time to time to respond to emergencies and urgent humanitarian issues.  In which case, we shall let you know. 

Also, in every work we do to try to help reduce poverty, there is always a cost to bear.  If you could help alleviate some of our costs, we would more acknowledge your support than just appreciate your gesture.

The above is our plan for June 2018.  Within this plan, what is on at CENFACS for this week?


The Week’s Contents

• Jmesci: Creating and Innovating for the Transitional Economy

• Poverty Environment programme: Environmental Responsibility

• Sedecim project: Project 16.4

   … and much more!


Key Messages of the Week’s Contents

Jmesci: Creating and Innovating for the Transitional Economy

To manage the process of transitional economy (from an integrated to an exiting economy), it requires to keep what works and has proven records or experiences of reducing poverty and enhancing sustainable development.  It also demands creating and innovating to make transitional economy easier and adaptable for all, especially but not solely for those in need.  Creation will be about making things that reduce poverty while innovation is the process of converting thoughts or creativity into tangible poverty relief outcomes.

Transitional economy may require transitional economic products and services to meet people’s needs.  This month of creative economic development, we are working with local people to develop ideas of products and services convertible into tangible products and services to help poor people smoothly manage the transitional economy.   This implies an inventory of products and services benefiting from regional economic integration.  Some of these products and services may not be able or still available at different costs.  It is at this level that creation and innovation become necessary if not compulsory to successfully manage economic transition.

To support CENFACS’ creative economic development month, contact CENFACS

Poverty Environment Programme (PEP): Human Responsibility on the Environment

This week we are raising awareness and remind ourselves about human responsibility on the environment (HRE) to echo the message of the United Nations World Environment Day on 05 June 2018.  The HRE, which is part of CENFACS’ Poverty Environment programme, is an initiative to support the WED’s theme of Beating the Plastic Pollution this week.  As one cannot beat plastic pollution in one day only, we will continue to raise awareness of this pollution through HRE.  Our work on this matter aims at going beyond awareness by working with local people to find creative and innovative ways of reducing plastic pollution.  In doing so, HRE is an exploratory path to develop sustainable solutions that reduce both poverty and plastic pollution.  

For details about the PEP, go to http://cenfacs.org.uk/development-programmes/

To raise awareness of human responsibility on the environment in order to help reduce both poverty and plastic pollution with CENFACS, please contact CENFACS.


Sedecim project: project 16.4

On 13 June 2018, CENFACS will turn 16 years old as a registered charity.  16 years of charitable service are a big milestone for CENFACS.  These 16 years will be remembered through a project called 16.4; that is Sixteen Years of CENFACS in Four Days (16 years of working with local people in 4 days of celebration).  CENFACS will be sharing the days with you.  For more about 16.4 project, continue below.



Main Development of the Week’s Contents

16.4 Project – CENFACS Sedecim: Sixteen Years of CENFACS in Four Days

(16 years of working with local people in 4 days of celebration)

The project 16.4 will highlight CENFACS as a mature organisation working with the locals for 16 years as the 4 days of acknowledgement will take us back to the history as it was made and being still in the making.

Sixteen years in the life of a person (physical or moral) is the age of maturity.  To acknowledge that CENFACS is now a mature organisation and has been working with local people in a mature way, we are running two sub-projects which are two parts of the same coin. 

They are:

1/ 2018 as a Local Year (the Local Year Campaign); this initiative which already started since the beginning of the year will carry us throughout the rest of the year 2018

2/ A project 16.4 highlighting CENFACS as a mature organisation (working 16 years with the locals which will be acknowledged in 4 days), project which is kicking off on 13 June 2018

What Sixteen Years of CENFACS in Four Days are about

It is a project celebrating from the 13th of June 2018 CENFACS’ 16 years of service and commitment to poverty relief and poor people’s well-being since it was granted a charitable status in 2002.  

It is a project of remembrance of CENFACS as a mature organisation; remembrance to be conducted in four days highlighting the transformative development of CENFACS, the building of bonds and bridges with other communities, the help in transformation of deprived lives, the enhancement and sustaining of freedoms and capabilities.  All this has been carried out by working with local people to develop sustainable initiatives through the last 16 years.

As this year has been dedicated the Local People’s Year at CENFACS, the four days of observance will be featured around CENFACS’ local people.  The first time we informed you about this project, we explained who were and are our local people.  However, if you have not been informed, please refer to our previous communications or contact us for clarification. 

We shall hold 4 days of observance as follows:

⇒ 13/06/2018: Local people as project initiators and suppliers

⇒ 14/06/2018: Local people as change makers

⇒ 15/06/2018: Local people as project implementers and delivers

⇒ 16/06/2018: Local community projects with locals plus thank you to Sedecim supporters and makers.

In brief, Sedecim will be a 4-day of celebration of local people as creators and innovators for poverty relief and sustainable development, helpers in the development of sustainable initiatives, project and programme initiators, change makers and life savers, improvers of local life, chain suppliers and providers of local needs and solutions, developers of sustainable initiatives etc.       

To support and or engage to Sedecim, contact CENFACS.


Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

Thank you as well to those who made comments about our weekly posts.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support during 2018.

With many thanks


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