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CARRA Appeal

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14 February 2018

Post No. 26


Our Sustainable Development month continues as planned; just as our work on Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals under the 3G project or African Children Climate and Sustainable Development Goals (ACCSDGs).

The week is also of the start of our second wave of appeal under the Light projects with this time a focus on the Central African Republic and Region of Africa – the CARRA Appeal.

We have added to the Light projects a financial element in the form of donation and gift aid which we are asking to supporters to consider. 

We have to bring in this financial addition to the Light Appeal as some of you have requested us to include the possibility to donate or provide a gift in our advocacy for those who wish to do so. 

This inclusion has been done although the principles of creation of the Light Project remain and rest on its spiritual and developmental values to convey the message of peace and deliver hope. 

This financial aspect of the Light Appeal can be found on the page Support Us of this website at http://cenfacs.org.uk/supporting-us/ 

Before presenting the CARRA Appeal to you, let’s pursue once more the Localisation of Sustainable Development Goals with this week’s sub-theme: LOCALISATION IS NOT A RETREAT.  We are doing it while dealing with our plans about ACCSDGs and the Local Year Campaign.

Localisation is not a retreat

Engaging with localisation is not a retreat from the process of globalisation of sustainable development goals.  Localisation is an added value to globalisation and a process of designing and applying at the local level the goals we all agree as a global community.  We want these goals to reflect the needs and aspirations even better to be the making of local people.  And as 2018 is the Year of Local People at CENFACS, we would like these goals to be honed by them – the Local People

As part of the localisation process this week, we are dealing with the skills and knowledge that make localisation process easier.  These skills can be added to our data bank of skills for poverty relief and sustainable development.

ACCSDGs and the Local Year Campaign

We are processing with the identification of outputs and intermediate outcomes regarding Climate and Sustainable Development Goals while continuing building on advocacy for a better local impact as planned.

Our Local Year Campaign continues with search on ways of making global goals honed by local people while working on indicators to measure local outcomes for local people.

For more on the localisation work this week, please contact CENFACS.



This appeal is about the conflict-affected and impoverished peoples of Central African Republic (CAR).

CAR is one the lowest ranked countries with a human development index 0.352 in value according to the United Nations Development Programme (*). This country has been caught in a deadly conflict since 2013.  CAR has a failing State unable to protect its own population.  In 2016, it spiraled into civil war.  The same conflict reappeared recently. 

(*) United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Report 2016 – Human Development for Everyone, New York, 2016

Whatever the arguments from different sides engaged in this long running conflict, something needs to done to bring peace and hope for the ordinary people who quite often are the victims of rivalry they do not understand neither control.

CENFACS appeal is apolitical, non religious and non partisan from the conflicting sides and between the two armed self-defence groups loosely-organised and others.

This current appeal is the 3rd Light Project concerning the CAR.  In 2014 and 2015, we launched similar appeals.   And some forms of truce and normality were established. 

We thank those who responded our previous appeals and to similar appeals regarding the CAR, as well as those who worked to save lives there.

As there is a repeat to the crisis, we are renewing our appeal for support to the Victims of Armed Conflicts.  And this appeal is part of the series of our Light Projects carried out this Winter 2018.

What this new appeal will achieve compared to the previous ones

This renewed CARRA Appeal will help to bring peace and hope to the long suffering local and ordinary peoples of CAR.  Particularly, one can hope with your support, the following can be achieved

  • End five years of misery of the local poor people there
  • Stop chaos and lawlessness as well as the killings and counter-killings of innocent local people
  • Neutralise the armed groups that are responsible for these innocent killings
  • Reduce conflicts over natural resources (e.g. diamonds, gold and silver) and over spaces
  • End successive waves of ethnic cleansing
  • Reduce strife between fundamental religious groups etc

Who are going to benefit from this appeal and your support?

The beneficiaries of your action include the following

  • Self-protected persons
  • Internally displaced people in the areas of Markounda for example
  • Local poor traders and amongst them women traders
  • Those living in extremely difficult conditions
  • Confined families in makeshift shuts
  • The victims of the fight between the two prominent rival armed groups
  • Poor traders facing off with militia over extortion demands etc

To Light a Blaze of Hope for the Conflict Victims in CAR, contact CENFACS. 


Thank you for visiting CENFACS website and reading this post.

We look forward to receiving your regular visits and continuing support in 2018.

With many thanks!


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