Climate Talks, Volunteering & The CENFACS Community

  Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 14 December 2017 Newly opened CENFACS Charity e-Store! We would like first of all to inform and remind you that CENFACS Charity e-Store is now opened for you to donate goods and or to shop for donated goods which are on our online window display store on the page […]

Season’s Reliefs

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 06 December 2017 • BRIEF REVIEWS ABOUT A la Une & WHAT BONN SAY Before talking about WHAT IS ON (SEASON’S RELIEFS) during this month of December inside CENFACS, we would like to start this week’s post with A la Une (Autumn Leaves of Action to Upkeep Nature in Existence) which finished […]

Online Income Generation

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 29 November 2017   Our November-December 2017 fundraising campaign concerning three of our new projects – which are TRIACONTADI project (Project 32), project MISATU (Project M) and Post-REI (Regional Economic Integration) Transitional Capacity Building and Development programme – is still on course.  This is the last fundraising campaign of Autumn 2017 […]

Fundraising Campaign

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 22 November 2017 This week’s post will start with a thank-you note for every support that our last Sunday’s Development Day received. The Development Day provided us the opportunity and moment to re-engage with and re-communicate our message against poverty in all its forms and everywhere for women and children. […]

Development Day

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 16 November 2017 KEY POINTS/CONTENTS OF THIS WEEK’S POST The lead content of the week is the continuation of our follow up of the Climate Change Conference in Bonn. This week we are spurring our interest on the 8th Development Day for Women and Children. Our arsenal this week is […]

Save Rainforests

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 08 November 2017 The opener of this week’s engagement to poverty relief at CENFACS is Climate Protection and Stake for African Children (CPSAC) – Phase 2 with What Bonn Say.  It is the start of our follow up of the climate change talks which are scheduled to run from 6 […]

Skills Development

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 01 November 2017 At the start of this week’s post, we would like to thank those who responded to our two days of Making Memorable Difference last week.  Your responses have made a memorable difference too.  Many thanks! WHAT’S ON DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2017 AT CENFACS The projects and […]

Making Memorable Difference Project

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 25 October 2017 This week is full of user-centred engaging and poverty relief driven contents at CENFACS.  The week started with the continuation of A la Une campaign with AIR POLLUTION resurfacing as our fortnightly focal area of this Autumn environmental campaign.  The week is also about reporting or briefing […]

FACS, Issue no. 57, Autumn 2017 – Key Highlights

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 18 October 2017 HOW WE CAN USE MATHS OR NUMBERS TO REDUCE POVERTY IN AFRICA – Key Highlights An abstract about the 57th issue of FACS, CENFACS’ bilingual newsletter was already given last week.  The key highlights make the contents of the issue; highlights which are as follows. MAKING NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THE POOR, […]

Abstract of the 57th Issue of FACS

Welcome to CENFACS’ online diary! 12 October 2017 COMING IN THIS AUTUMN 2017 IS THE 57th ISSUE OF FACS What’s on this week beginning 09 October 2017 This week is about revealing the main content of the next issue of CENFACS’ bilingual newsletter – FACS; issue which is about HOW WE CAN USE MATHS OR NUMBERS […]